National Institute of Technology (NIT) 2020 Application

By | January 7, 2020
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National Institute of Technology (NIT) 2020 Application

About NIT Namibia

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) provides high-quality career-focused/specific vocational, technical and professional education which are delivered through a proportion of 70% practical (applied case studies, applied research, experiential and hands-on) and 30% theory teaching methodologies.

Our Vision

To create and develop Vibrant, Skilled, Competent and Work-prepared Entrepreneurial Technicians, Technologists and Professionals for the industry and the national economic vitality.

Our Mission

To provide a broadened range of Higher Vocational, Technical and Professional Course Programs which support our student’s career goals and significantly contribute to the National Development Plans.

Our Values

  • Professionalism, Transparency and Ethics
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Collaboration and Partnership

NIT 2020 Programmes on Offer

Our Applied Programs

1.Applied Business & Management

Accounting & Finance

Management Accounting

Business Management

Leadership and Management

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Digital Marketing

Marketing Management

Hospitality Management

Professional Cookery

Travel and Tourism Management

Logistics & Transport Management

Procurement & Supply Management

2. Applied Engineering & ICT Programs

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Mining & Metallurgical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Construction and the Built Environment

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Building Services Engineering

Surveying Engineering

Computer Engineering

Information Technology Cyber Security

IT Network Engineering

IT Application Development

IT and Telecommunications

3. Applied Health & Sciences Programs

Biomedical Science

Health and Social Care Practice

Occupational Safety and Health Practice

Therapeutic Counselling

Applied Teaching Methodology Programs

Teaching Methodology

Professional Qualifications





National Institute of Technology 2020 Entry Requirements


The following are the minimum basic entry requirements on  Technical and  Professional qualifications programs.  

Vocation Entry Requirements:  

Age: 16 or more years  

School Level: Grade 10 with 26 points in six (6) subjects with D or better symbol in English 

Competencies: Good English Communication  

 Mature Entry Requirements:  

Age: 23 or more years  

Work Experience: Two (2) or more years of industry/Work Experience in a related field 

School Level: Open for any standard of education level  

Aptitude Test:  Pass the Aptitude Assessment with grade D or better symbol in English and 


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Competencies: Good English Communication  

Grade Twelve (12) Entry Requirements:  

Age: 18 or more years  

School Level: Grade 12 with 26 points in six (6) subjects with grade D or better symbol in English  

Competencies:  Good English Communication

Our enrollment policy is non-discriminatory and operates on a first come first serve basis depending on the availability of places. 

Prior to the commencement of classes, students are required to undergo an orientation programme where they are informed of nature of courses, study strategies useful for our types of programs, nature of assessments and examinations,  institutional policies and management of the course programs,  grievance procedures withdrawal procedures refund procedures and all matters that would be of interest to them during their study period.  

This induction is carried out during the first week of the semester. 

National Institute of Technology 2020 Application Guidelines


(A) Please note that all the tuition fees must be made on time to avoid interest charges and restriction from sitting for exams. No student will be allowed to sit for exams if all tuitions are not paid even if an exam and all other fees may have been paid.  

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(B)  The  NIT  does not accept or receive  CASH  payments.  All 
payments must be deposited into the below bank account 

(C) Please use your student number for all payments references 

(D) Provide proof of payments to the Accounts Department and demand for a receipt bearing an Official Company Stamp.   

A/C Name:
National Institute of  Technology (NIT) 

Name of Bank:
First National Bank 

Bank Account No.: 

Branch Code: 

Required Document


1)  Fully Completed, Signed and Initialed Enrolment Agreement  

2)  Certified copies of Qualifications 

3)  Passport size photos/pictures 

4)  Certified Copy of ID/Passport  

5) Sponsor’s Letter 

6)  Certified copy of Permit (for non-Namibian applicants) 

7)  Proof of Registration Payment 

8)  Proof of Deposit Payment 

Attached Document (2020 Application Form)


For additional support, use the contact information below;

  • National Institute of Technology
  • 2 Johann Albrecht Street Windhoek West
  • +264 61 257297
  • +264 81 3294977
  • +264 886559294
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50 thoughts on “National Institute of Technology (NIT) 2020 Application

  1. Katupose Lorenzo K

    Greetings. I was upgrading my grade 12 and I have 22 points in six subjects and a C symbol in both English and maths. Do I stand a chance in being enrolled?

  2. Melania Ndipopilwa

    Greetings.i have 27 points in 6 with a E in English do I stand a chance to be enrolled?

  3. Gerome

    I matriculated last year 2019 with 26points in 6subjects. A C in math and level 3 for english on higher level. Can i still apply in january

  4. Johannes Hinampito

    Greetings,I have 24 points with F in English can I apply on this?

  5. Maria

    Hey there
    I have 26 points in 5 subjects, with a C symbol in maths, A symbol in physical science and E in English. Am I eligible to apply?

  6. charlten

    greetings to you i matriculated with 25 points in six subjects …with a D in english i stand any chance to aplly

  7. Johanna

    I sent my form there, but I didn’t get any response. When is the registration date for this campus?

  8. David

    Greetings…I have 22 points in six subjects …with a c in English can I still try my luck

  9. Johanna

    I just applied at the Windhoek campus but I received a text telling me to go for orientation at the Oshakati campus. Now I already went to Windhoek where I applied because of accomodation, to hat can I do now.

  10. Paulus Kaunapawa Victoria

    Greetings. I have 25 points in 6 E in English , will i still stand a chance to be admitted at NIT…?

  11. Shendeny Wittenbach

    Hi can my brother still apply
    He failed grade 10 but he did contract work as a casual worker at Telecom assisting the IT PERSONELL for 6 months
    And when are your intakes

  12. Rose

    I have 23 points in 6 subjects and a E in english,do i qualified to apply for biomedical science on mature age entry ,i have been working for more than six years at unrelated field

  13. hope

    Morning are the applications still open i got 22 points in six with a D in eng and for what can i qualify

  14. Petrus

    I completed grade 12 in 2015 with 34 points and D in English. Will I get admitted for Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Science or Occupation Health and safety without a working experience on those fields ?

  15. Willo brant

    Hello there I have 22 points in 6 with a c in english can I apply for any technical studying

  16. Maria

    Greetings! I have finished my grade 12 with 40 points in five, I would like to apply for Biomedical science, please help me.

  17. Josef Andunge

    Hi,, I have 29 points in 5 with E in English ( grade 12) . Would like to do Bachelor of Occupational health and safety ( but no experience ) or Bachelor of mechanical engineering. Am I quilified to do it (without experience ) ?

  18. Rakkel Julius

    I complited last year and I passed well, I dint get a school this year at high institutions due to space
    Can I attend Computer lessons only, this year at NIT
    Or ist too late to apply

  19. Keanu

    I have 22points in 6 subjects with a B symbol in English. Will I be accepted at Nit for Logistics & Transportation?


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