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Engineering Professions Association of Namibia (EPA) Scholarship Fund Trust

EPA Scholarship Fund Trust Introduction

The EPA Scholarship Fund Trust, originally established in 1997 under the name EPA Bursary Fund Trust, was founded as an umbrella trust, under which several scholarship funds sponsored by various donors may be managed by a Board of Trustees appointed by EPA and, where applicable, the sponsors of the scholarship funds concerned. The Trust was reconstituted on 27 March 2007 under a new Trust Deed and Board of Trustees.

The mission of the Trust is to provide financial assistance to deserving students wishing to study at a Namibian or South African university or other tertiary technical institution towards a recognised degree or diploma in engineering or an engineering related discipline.

Typically, a sponsor wishing to provide funds for this purpose would donate money to a Fund specifically set up under the Trust in accordance with the sponsor’s specific requirements. The appointed trustees would manage the sponsor’s Fund in accordance with an agreement concluded with the sponsor at the establishment of the Fund, with EPA administratively handling the budgeting, receipts, investments and disbursements of the Fund.

EPA Fund

This fund is sponsored by members of EPA, from a portion of fund management fees received by EPA for the management of other donors’ funds, as well as by public and institutional donors.

In 2007, the Fund has received generous support from the Government of Sweden, through its development agency, Sida. This has made it possible to award scholarships as from the academic year 2009.

At this stage and until further notice, the Fund will only provide scholarships for studies at a Namibian or South African university or technical collage whom has successfully passed their first year and been accepted for re-submission towards a National Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in engineering (e.g. B. Eng.), but not in technology (e.g. B. Tech.).

Scholarships are granted in the form of interest-free loans for one study year at a time, but scholarship recipients may re-apply for subsequent years, depending on academic merit.

How to Apply for EPA Scholarship in Namibia

Conditions apply, and specific conditions are:

1.Namibian citizenship

2.Compliance with specified minimum academic results

3.Financial need, and academic merit.

Further information and an application form may be downloaded from the link below.

Attached Document 

Ohorongo Cement Scholarship Fund administered by EPA

In August 2015 EPA was appointed to administer the new Ohorongo Cement Trust Fund on behalf of Ohorongo Cement.

The Ohorongo scholarship scheme was established for the academic year 2016 and two individuals received scholarships from this fund both studying electrical engineering at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Contact EPA

For current scholarship applications, contact the Namibia Engineering Professions Association for support;

Enquiries and applications should be directed to the EPA Registrar.

EPA Administrator and NAL Registrar: Mrs. Rica Blaauw
Tel: +264 61 223009
Fax: +264 886555493
Postal address:  PO Box 21885, Windhoek, Namibia

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