NSFAF 2022 Application [NEW]

By | February 12, 2022
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Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) 2022 Application

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund is pleased to announce the commencement of the 2022 applications.

Applications open on 27 January 2022  for Undergraduates, Postgraduates, and Vocational applicants to study at local and SADC/International recognized institutions with accredited programs. 

Please note that mature age applications will only be accepted for local public institutions.

It is mandatory that all required documents are uploaded during the application period as no additional documents will be accepted after the deadline. Visit https://namibiahub.com/nsfaf-2022-intake-requirements-fees-deadline-everything-you-need-to-know/ to understand specific requirements per funding category (undergraduate, postgraduate, and vocational).

Due to funding limitations, applications are subject to the below criteria:

  • Applicants apply towards priority fields of studies which are available and can be viewed here
  • Total combined debt to NSFAF may not exceed N$350,000 (previous debt plus loan to be awarded).
  • If you have previously benefited from the NSFAF, contact Recovery to acknowledge your debts before a new award is made.
  • Applicants are subjected to vetting with employment status (including self-employment).
  • Financial assistance is granted, subject to availability of funds.
  • Funding parental income threshold is N$500,000 for students who are 28 years of age or younger and unemployed.
  • Funding own/spousal income threshold is N$300,000 for employed students or above the age of 28 and unemployed.


  • Students will be provisionally awarded provided the applicant meets the NSFAF basic funding requirements.
  • All applicants will be required to apply online, including trainees at VTCs. No manual application will be accepted.
  • Due dates are final and will not be extended.


The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund notifies potential applicants for 2022 academic year about important information and documents required for application.

Prospective applicants are advised to take note of the following information:

  1. NSFAF provides financial assistance to eligible students mainly in a form of loans.
  2. No student should be considered for NSFAF funding if he/she has already benefited from a programme at the same level of qualification framework.
  3. A student may only receive financial assistance from the Fund to study at any two qualification levels (i.e. Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Honour’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or Doctoral Degree). Funding for a third qualification level shall only be permissible if a debtor has settled previous debts. This is necessary to allow the opportunity for other students to benefit from the allocated student funding and also in case of a loan to avoid over-indebting the students.
  4. A student who is already a beneficiary but failed/passed a previous academic year but applied for funding the following year to pursue a different programme will not be funded for the new program. NSFAF shall nullify the award upon identifying such a case.
  5. An applicant, who fails to submit all required documents before the closing date of the application period, will be rejected.
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  5.1 Documents to be attached when applying for UNDERGRADUATE studies’ financial assistance: 

a) A copy of the Full birth certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath,
b) A copy of a Namibian Identification (ID), Certified by the Commissioner of Oath,
c) A copy/copies of school leaving certificate(s) [Grade 11/12 or equivalent, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath, (this applies to those already with grade 11/12 results),
d) A copy of mother’s ID or Death certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath or a Declaration made with  the Namibian Police made by any remaining  parent/guardian,
e) A copy of father’s ID/ Death certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath or a Declaration made with  the Namibian Police made by any remaining  parent/guardian,
f) Parents/ Guardian pay slip with the company stamp or Declaration made with the Commissioner of Oath, in case of unemployment,
g) A copy of your payslip with the company stamp (if the applicant is employed),
h) In case the applicant is married, provide Spouse’s ID and payslip instead of parents’,
i) A copy of a grade 10 certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath (VTCs or mature age applicants),
j) A copy of proof of admission and test results on mature age from a Public Institution, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath, (For applicant through mature age, applicable only to those with at least 23 years old),
k) Copy of work experience, (applicant applying through Mature Age entry, 3 years for grade12 certificate holder and 5 years for grade 10 certificate holder),
l) A copy of evaluation from Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA), certified by the Commissioner of the Oath, for all foreign qualifications (including grade 12 certificates).
5.2  Documents to be attached when applying for POSTGRADUATE studies’ financial assistance:

a) A copy of the Full birth certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath,
b) A copy of a Namibian Identification (ID), Certified by the Commissioner of Oath,
c) A copy of Bachelor’s degree at least on NQF level 7, if studying towards an honors degree, or a copy of a master’s degree if studying towards a PhD, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath. If certificates are not issued by the Institution at the time of application, attach academic records, indicating the certificate has been obtained,
d) A copy of mother’s ID/ Death certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath or a Declaration made with  the Namibian Police made by any remaining  parent/guardian,
e) A copy of father’s ID/ Death certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath or a Declaration made with  the Namibian Police made by any remaining  parent/guardian,
f) In case the applicant is married, provide Spouse’s ID and payslip instead of parents’,
g) A copy of your payslip with the company stamp (if the applicant is employed),
h) A copy of the evaluation from Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA), certified by the Namibian Police, for all foreign qualifications.


6.1. Requirement for undergraduate

6.1.1. Undergraduate degree programmes

  • Applicants should have obtained 25 points in Grade 12, in Five (5) subjects with a minimum of E symbol in English. English will form part of the five subjects to be counted; or
  • Applicants should have obtained a Diploma at NQF Level 6 at an accredited Institution of Higher Learning provided the applicant has a minimum of 22 points in Grade 12.
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Undergraduate Studies at international Institutions

  1. Applicants should have obtained 35 points (in grade 12) in five subjects (including English) with an E in English to qualify for funding to study internationally for medicine and engineering.
  2. For other fields of study, applicants should have obtained 30 points (in grade 12) in five subjects (including English) with an E in English to qualify for funding.

6.1.2. Undergraduate Diploma Programmes

  • Applicants should have obtained 22 points in Grade 12, in Five (5) subjects with a minimum of F symbol in English. English will form part of the five subjects to be counted.

6.1.3. Undergraduate through Mature age (Applicable for Public Institutions only)

  • must be 23 years of age and above;
  • has a Grade 10 certificate, with five (5) years minimum working experience; or
  • has a Grade 12 certificate with three (3) years minimum working experience;
  • Has ability to top up should funding be insufficient for the intended course of study;
  • Provide proof of admission on mature age level from the institution of higher learning including the mature age entry test results.

7. Requirements for VET financial assistance

7.1 Government or SOE owned VTCs

  • Full-time/Part-time Applicants studying at approved Vocational Training Centres (Institutions registered under Vocational Education and Training Act, 2008 (Act No. 1 of 2008);
  • Priority will be given to applicants studying priority fields of study as determined from time to time to qualify for funding; and
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7.2 Privately owned VTCs

  • Full-time/Part-time applicants studying at accredited and recognized VTC (Institutions registered under VET ACT 1 of 2008) and offer accredited qualifications;
  • Obtain a minimum of 20 points in Grade 12 in six (6) subjects with a Symbol F in English;
  • Obtained admission at an approved VTC in Namibia studying towards minimum NQF Level 1 and Maximum NQF Level 6 qualification;
  • Priority will be given to Private VTC beneficiaries studying priority fields of study as determined from time to time to qualify for funding

7.3 International requirements for VET trainees

  • Must have obtained 25 points in grade 12, in five subjects, with at least symbol F in English;

Financial Assistance may be offered in the event of direct transfers from local to international VTC institutions if the programme or level is not offered in Namibia.- Advertisement –

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  • Priority will be given to applicants studying abroad in priority fields of study if the programme/level is not offered in Namibia.

8. Requirement for postgraduate studies

  • Applicants studying towards post-graduate Diploma/ Honours, Masters and PhD programmes or Research based postgraduate study;
  • Applicants already have prior undergraduate qualifications (Bachelor degree level 7, Honours level 8, or Masters level 9), or have completed their studies but waiting for the graduation to be officially conferred;
  • The applicant must have been admitted or enrolled to study on a full-time or part-time or distance mode at an approved local or international institution of higher education;
  • Consideration will only be given to applicants studying towards priority fields of studies;
  • Applicants should submit proof of provisional admission attached to their applications;
  • Preference will be given to the students studying at Local Institutions and within SADC.


The deadline for applications is 31 March 2022.

For enquiries or further assistance during the online application process, contact NSFAF Head Office at Tel: 061: 434 6000 or via e-mail: info@nsfaf.na

Note: For more information, visit this page

NSFAF Vision, Mission, Mandate, and Core Values

NSFAF Grants and Loans

NSFAF General Eligibility Criteria

Vocational Education and Training Financial Assistance

How to Apply for the NSFAF

Student Application Guide

NSFAF Student Application Portal

NSFAF Application Guidelines

Required Documents for NSFAF Application

Payment Plans and Calculators for Students Abroad

Paying Back NSFAF Loans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Contact Information

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396 thoughts on “NSFAF 2022 Application [NEW]

    1. Klaudia

      Hai, iam N3holder pass the trade test now i admitted in nust to do instem programme and nsfaf was paying for me , what are the requirements for nsfas to continue with my loan or if i wanr my loan to be extended

  1. FINNA


  2. Tjiratjiza

    I am a student at a vocational institution 2019 was level 1 when my group, where applying for a loan I did not apply due to problem that came up, is it possible that I could maybe come to the head office my self and come fix this problem cause I really need to apply ,its now 2020 and am level 2 I really dnt know what to do can Sir/madam please help

  3. Lucas

    Hi am a student doing my diploma this year at one of the institutions in Namibia, last year I was doing a certificate! But I have less than 25points in gr12 Will it be possible for me to be funded by NSFAF??

  4. Lucas


    Hi I was doing my NQF level 5 last year and this year I was admitted into a Diploma but I have less than 25points in five. Will Nsfaf be able to fund me?

  5. Christ

    Good afternoon. I was doing advance communication technology at vocational centre last year.currently this course is cancelled this year 2020 in level two and three because level 2 and 3 is not registered by NQA and NTA. NOW I decided to do office administration still at Windhoek vocational training centre. Will NSFAF be able to pay for in my first year? because last year NSFAF pay for me, can i re-contract?

  6. Jennita

    Hello. I changed course and institution in 2017 without notifying NSFAF because I didn’t know. NSFAF paid for my academic year 2016 that was my first year. Now I’m doing a different course at a new institution, registered 2019, this year 2020 is my second. Can I reapply or reactivate my loan?

  7. Kalimbwe anna k

    Hi I’m anna I have level one and level two under NTA, and I have two years experience, but from now on I’m at triumphant college doing level four but I’m having 18 points in 5 subject I’m a qua lift for applying loans

  8. Benjamen shigwedha

    Hello,Iam admitted at welwitchia university..school of nursing September intake .do nsfaf provides loans to students in September 2020?

  9. Mpepo beatha

    I want to apply for a loan …. I applied at lingua college for early childhood development..and I cannot afford to pay the fees

  10. Mpepo beatha

    I want to apply for a loan to study at lingua college and I have less than 25 points due financial problem I could not upgrade my points I have been sitting home for six years now I want help from nasfaf

  11. Victor

    Hellos I’m victor I I don’t understand the combined parental proof of income declaration part because both my parents are unemployed and the don’t stay together I’m really just confused because I trying to get all my required documents together before the 06th administrator please help!

  12. Hilde

    I am third year this year at university of Namibia, i was admitted through mature age and i have been applying for loan assistance with nsfaf the past two years but my applications are ever not approved, how do i apply for the intake 2021? possible what should need to do for me to be granted with the loan?

  13. Ndapandula Salom

    Do I have to wait for my results inorder to apply for a loan?

  14. lourencia smith

    hi good day i recently registerd at a health institution and i was wondering wether i can apply for a loan

  15. Cholastic Kandetu

    Hi I am a 1st year student at welwitchia health training centre doing a certificate level does NSFAF help student at welwitchia with funding?


    HI I am Felix, in 2019 I upgraded my English at a private school and I wrote IGCSE exams and passed with a C symbol. last year I enrolled at UNAM but failed at NSFAF because of that result I don’t know what the issue was, would I please find any assistance from the office. I can’t afford to pay for myself please help me to apply this year. What should I do, any help please?????

  17. FELIX


  18. tangi

    Goodday i would like to know if you guys are also funding students at lingua college

  19. Benhard

    Hello, I’m Haita Benhard, I’m just concerned about my parents declarations. I stay with my mom and she is unemployed, my father has left me since I was a two year old baby and never come back, I don’t have his documents. What am I going to put on his details and declaration entry?

  20. Benhard

    Hello, I’m Benhard ,,, I’m just concerned about my parents declarations coz they are all unemployed. For my mother is sorted because I stay with her and I have her documents, but for my father,,, I’m not staying with him and I don’t have his documents since he left me when I was a baby and never come back. So what am I going to put on his details and declaration entry ? Please I need help here asmisnistrator,, I’m perplexed!!

  21. Kandenge Elizabeth

    Hi…can i apply for a loan doing midwifery at welwitchia

  22. Kristine imbale

    Good day I want to apply for the loan i register at african hospitality vtc can you please help me My parents halfway

  23. Justina h

    Can a student awarded a loan by nsfaf after registaring with the first college and he/she happened to change to enrol with another university in another course swipes the loan to cover the course with the university if he did not start with the college yet?

  24. ALFEUS

    20 points in 5 subject grade 12 E in English and want to do certificate (CENM) at welwitchia.. Am I qualified to apply??

  25. Queen

    Hello, I wrote my grade 11 examinations last year (new syllabus)I am 17 years of age,I would like to apply for a loan to continue my studies in nursing at IUM but I do not have an ID yet. Can I apply?

  26. Florinda

    Hi. Can I apply for a loan at NASFAF. I want tot do diploma at UNAM in a school of nursing.. Please help

  27. Magdaleena

    Dear sir/madam
    I’m struggling to get online application i try so many ways but some of your pages are unavailable

  28. Gabriel Ketililo

    Good day I am prevented from registration just because my NSFAF loan is not yet reactivated, so what is the way forward since UNAM late registration is ending on the 12th of February?
    And I already send my financial statement and academic record.

  29. Danealah

    Can grade 11 learners that finished school on the new curriculum in 2020 also apply for a grant to study at a college this year

  30. Aina Michael

    Good day… I am having problems with applying for my loan… can you please give me procedures to follow in order to make my application go through

  31. Atushe

    I am trying to log into my portal so I can start applying but I’m having trouble doing so. What am I doing wrong



  33. Nghishifolo Josefina

    I completed my grade 12 ,2020 and I passed,now I want to apply for NSFAF.Should I apply or I must wait for nsfaf notification as the grade 12 results are out now?

  34. Victoria Negonga

    i am a second year nursing honours student at Rundu campus without a NSFAF loan. I was not awarded a loan last year apparently because i have an E in English grade12, however i improved with UNAM science foundation programme and i got a D in English. I passed all my first year modules last year with good symbols. I still do not understand why i cannot be awarded a loan. i read all the requirements and i believe i qualified. Please assist

  35. chuma

    I have a full birth certificate my mom is from Zambia and my dad from Namibia i was born on Namibia and done my education in Namibia i got 32 points. ..
    is it possible for me to apply for a loan

  36. morie

    HI ADMIN I NEED HELP IM TRYING TO APPLY I CREATED MY ACCOUNT BUT I CAN NOT GO THROUGH,IT SAYS Eligibilty checker was unable to determine your eligibility

  37. Nomswa

    Hello I am Nomswa, I have been trying to create an account but it is just giving me an ERROR and that my user name provided is invalid. Where did I go wrong?

  38. Thomas

    I am managing to apply but when I reach the personal details there is no column to fill in the Personal details of the trainee. I cant complete the application form what must I do.

    And secondly which one is the nasfaf id

  39. Felix

    Greetings administrator
    Izt possible that if one apply for nsfaf and choose a course for instance nursing receive an acknowledgement letter then the university reject your application for nursing and then you get admitted for education for a example, can you still use your nursing acknowledgement letter or unless you change or apply again….. what do you do in this situation?

  40. Semy

    Hi. Am NSFAF loan holder. I did a diploma level 6 at one of the institutions in Namibia for 2 years, and now I am continuing with my bachelor’s degree level 7 of the same course with the diploma and it’s for 1 year. Am I recontracting or I have to reapply?

  41. Josephine

    Would you please help me,I applied for a loan on the 18th but till now I didn’t receive an acknowledgement letter on my email,all I received is a password and password reset!!!where should I check so I see my acknowledgment letter,I’m really in need of it and some got theirs the same day I applied!!!

  42. Vijanda Jane

    Greetings! I have been trying to apply for a loan since yesterday but am always stuck at the attachments part,when I click on ATTACH FILE is not doing anything. Am applying using a mobile device. What might be a problem and how to solve it?

  43. Uhena-Pawa

    what are the requirements for loan reactivation, and how do I reactivate my loan should I meet the requirements?


    Hi my name is SINONGE i once applied at NASFAF this year 2021 using triumphant collage but i never got any respond from NASFAF and now i want to apply at NASFAF for a loan but different institution will my application be considered?? I have 26points in five subjects with a D grade in English.

  45. Anonymous

    I only grew up with my mother and not my father I have never seen him because he never looked after me and I just wanted to ask if it will ne accepted and what can I do to show thwe people at NSFAF that I don’t hqve his details with me

  46. Launa M Aron

    hello there? I applied loan but still I didn’t get my acknowledgement letter.. should I re apply?

  47. Tangeni

    Hello administrator my mom is an entrepreneur she is unemployed and as for my dad he ran away when I was a Baby , all I want to know is that what I should I do about the parental stuff

  48. Ruth Ndinelao Ngololo

    Hi I am Ruth, I applied for education at IUM and I got admitted, I hold a level 6 in Accounting and Finance and I have 27 points in grade 12 with a E in English am I qualified for the loan depending on my grade 12 result or both qualifications and do I fall on undergraduate or post-graduate?

  49. Rosalia Ndilokelwa Immanuel

    I had a loan in year 1 but am currently planning on changing my course… Can I get a nasfaf loan again?

  50. Rosalia Ndilokelwa Immanuel

    I have 34 points in 5 subject and currently got admmited in ukraine for dentistry do I qualify for a loan?



  52. Ester

    Hlw, I am addimitted at welwitchia health training center in certificate in enrolled nursing and midwife, and I am having 24 points in 5 and an E in English, can I get a loan?

  53. Martha

    I’m studying at Icare institution, can I apply for a loan?

  54. Hangala

    Hi how can I get my loan balance of the previous year if I want to attack to my new application,and what are the rewuirements for one to apply for a new loan as an undergraduate at Ium,am currently employed as a teacher and I had used NSFAF loan 2008-2010 during my colleague years

  55. Mungenga Pelgrina

    Hi, does NSFAF give loans to degree holders or someone who wants to study nursing at welwichia university

  56. Rakel Ndilimeke Kalenga

    I apply for nsfaf this year I didn’t get my acknowledge letter I don’t understand why

  57. Ute

    I’m a first year student at Welwitchia health training centre. I have 26 in six subjects and doing bachelor of nursing science.
    I have 23 in five subjects though.. I’d like to know if I can get a loan, if so please provide me with a link on where I can apply before the due date.

  58. Ute

    Why does it keep on saying that I’m not eligible hence you said I stand a chance to be funded.?
    I have two candidate numbers but it doesn’t combine my points and keeps on saying that I’m not eligible..due date is very close and when we call to get assistance your number is ever just ringing without an answer..are we being ignored or is the person responsible for answering phone calls not doing their job correctly…I fail to understand this honestly.

  59. Josephina

    Hi , i would like to hear from, i have 26 points in 5 with a D in English , i want to go for bachelor of nursing science at welwitschia university but September intake , when axcatly can i apply for a loan

  60. nell

    as the new qualifications for nsfaf is grade 12 now what about those who passed grade 10 old curriculum and didnt meet the requirement? and why are they not getting a loan if some have more than 24 points in five subjects? some of them applied already for their studies with valid declarations that their parents dont work and some of them dont have parents eaither…. where and who will assist them in the payments of their studies?

  61. Auhetji

    I am currently studying for a certificate in enrolled nursing at welwitchia university but I have 22points in six subjects and 19 in 5 and whenever I try to apply it keeps saying not eligible.
    So does it mean I don’t qualify to apply for NSFAF loan but if I qualify then how exactly should I apply please help.

  62. Johannes I. Shivute

    Hi, I am helping someone to apply but when i “CLICK HERE” to proceed to the next step it only shows “Server Error in ‘/’ Application”. what is going on please, or what should i do in this regard?
    thank you

  63. Claudia

    With my 23 points and D in English registered for certificate in enrolled nursing and midwifery. Am I qualified to apply for a loan?

  64. Johanna NN shikongo

    HI I am a stundet doing my first year of Certificate In Enrolled nursing and midwifery / accouncher level 6 I -CARE HEALTH TRAINING INSTITUTE at ONDANGWA .I have 22 point in 6 subject and 20 point in 5 subject am I not qualified to apply for loan ?

  65. Joseph

    Greetings administrator. I was funded by nasfaf 2016, but I couldn’t go through to take my exams, and I failed yet my accounts were settled. Will nasfaf fund me again if I am to apply once again?


    Hi I am admitted at welwitchia for a certificate in nursing but I dnt hv 25 points in 5 can I apply for a loan?


    Can some one apply for a loan if he is doing a Certificate in nursing at an accredited institution (I care ) with 24 points in 5 with a c in English but both parents are unemployed and pensioners and the father is no where to be found and the mom is yet to start getting pension?

  68. ella musweu

    Hello admin! on Friday i created an account and applied but when i reached the part of uploading documents I realised that I didn’t have all the documents needed and so i stopped the application. Today I’m trying to apply again but the system says my account already exists and cant move to the next pages I’m really stuck I don’t know what to do because now I cant continue the application please help.

  69. Ndapewa

    Good Morning? I applied for undergraduate 2018/19 there , so meaning am already have the portal. I cancelled the loan because I didn’t apply anymore so it now showing pending, but the problem is I want to apply so that they can fund me for postgraduate. What should I do,please help I have been trying!


    can your office please help me to clear my portal so i can upload my signed internet contract device
    USER NAME: 20OHAN_2340

  71. Rahja

    Hello admin. I applied for nsfaf study loan with my grade 12 certificate, with 24 points in 5. Planning of pursuing a diploma, at one of the local institutions. Will nsfaf be able to accept my application?

  72. Toini

    Hello admin, I have been trying to log in to NASFAF portal to check my application status but I can’t go through at all, what can I do?

  73. Silvanus

    Good day admin, if I change my course of study next year is it needed to reapply or I will just change the course on my portal since the student number won’t change?

  74. Silvanus

    When are the award letters to be given out and where does one go to check up on his/hers?

  75. Silvanus

    Is it fine when you’re a firs time applicant and on your life cycle status on your profile says “pending validation” although you’ve got the acknowledgement letter?

  76. Aletha Haimbodi

    I am a student from University of Namibia, passed 1st year, in my second ear now, i have 24 points with a E in English in 5 subjects with a diploma in businesses’ administration and now studying Education. but my application was saying not eligible.

  77. Star

    hi Admin

    I would like to ask if NAMCOL not applicable on mature age as it was clearly stated on the eligibility of NSFAF. I am disappointed by the response which i get from NSFAF i applied through mature age and i am studying with NAMCOL and NSFAF has replied me that my application is unsuccessfully because mature age result not applicable to NAMCOL. What do they mean by that . i would like to raise my complain and i really do not know to whom will i raise my issue. please help

  78. Friedah

    What am I supposed to do if I’m trying to log in into my Nsfaf account but it’s saying that incorrect unique I’d ? But I’m putting in the one I was provided with by Nsfaf which is on my acknowledgement letter.

  79. joel

    hello is the only online applications this year??? and when is the next intake especially for us at vocational trainings….

  80. Marry Miina

    Hi, I applied for nsfaf this year but I did not get a password, how do I track my application?

  81. Lucas

    Hi administrator how can someone know that her loan was approved because since I was told to resubmit my certified gr12 Certificates upto now I never got any emails from Nsfaf

    1. Lazarus Jonathan

      Hi administrator.. what will I do if I apply to nsfaf and I didn’t not receive my username and pin?

  82. Yashe

    Is there any other opportunity to reapply/other way, for those who are rejected already to figure it out why their being rejected besides meeting all requirements.

  83. Jolene Gernovive Markus

    Hi I am currently a second year student at UNAM, I have a sponsor that pays my yearly tuition fees,. I just wanted to know if I can also apply for nsfaf next year for accommodation and the non tuition fees, because I have no accommodation where am studying and my parents are unemployed so they are not able to pay rent for me every month and also unable to help with my basic needs.


    dear admin, i have three questions, please help:
    1. what does the lifecycle status “pending approval” really mean. does it reflect loan potentially secured or potential loan beneficiary and is there a possibility for the application to be rejected at that stage for an Emergency medical care degree student at NUST?
    2. Are working students that applied for funding eligible for non-tuition fees in anyway, for certain reasons known to them e.g for educational purposes or for reasons known to the fund?

  85. Ndishishi

    Good day
    I failed my core modules last and um reapeating my first year at IUM, I now applied for nursing science at welwitchia can nsfaf still continue funding me? Will i even get my non tuition fee this year?

  86. Ngomashendjo

    Hello admin
    Will I be able to get a loan if I want to do Bachelor of science at Welwitchia health training center,with 27 points in SIX and C in English,which is (24 points in five)?

  87. Shereen

    Good day can I apply for funding if I have grade 11 new curriculum with 24 points in 6 subjects?

  88. Petrus

    Hello admin
    I’m a first year student doing a Diploma at TRIUMPHANT COLLEGE..
    I want to cancel this course at that college,and to be enrolled at WELWITSCHIA UNIVERSITY with a Degree program,for SEPTEMBER intake 2021.

    How is this possible to change the course and the institutions according to NSFAF criteria ?However I’m currently having a pending approval on my NASFAF student portal for 2021.

  89. PetrusPomwene

    Already applied for loan with pending approval.I would like to change from one institutions to another one for the September intake,,I’m a first year student.Is this possible as per NSFAF changing criteria?
    New changes to be made How are they going toaffect the ongoing application ?



  91. PetrusPomwene

    Hello admin
    I’m in the list of 2021 award,registered at a college doing a diploma.I changed my mind,I want to enroll for a degree but at different institutions for September intake.How can I made changes with nsfaf in this issue?

  92. Maria

    Hello admin
    I’m in the list of 2021 unam nasfaf award,buti I did ‘t get to register at the institutions because of lack of space. will this affect me in the near future if i happen to register to any institution ? Or want to enroll for a degree but at different institutions for September intake.How can I made changes with nsfaf in this issue?

    Reply ↓

  93. Naemi

    Hi.. I’m currently rejected by nasfaf because of the mistake i did.. in my application i indicated doing a level 5 which is wrong.. I’m doing diploma level 6..
    Do i still stand a chance to get funded by nasfaf?

  94. Edmore

    Hi admin I applied for a loan I’m doing certificate enroll nursing at WELWITCHIA, I was rejected reason because they don’t fund certificates, how I don’t understand

  95. Sandy

    I would love to apply for a certificate in enrolled nursing March intake at Welwitchia University, my income does not exceed 300 000 per annum, I would like to know if I can I get financial assistance from NSFAF.

  96. Pombili

    I’m a currently a third year student at NUST and NSDAF has been funding my studies for those past three years. Will NSFAF be able fund me for my postgraduate abroad or at NUST?

  97. Mary

    Hi, I have 25 points in six subject but having a D in English doing a certificate at Welwitchia does Nsfaf fund those doing certificate?

  98. maria

    I’m admitted at welwitchia in bachelor of nursing with27points in 6 can nasfaf give me a loan? and when will the applications be out for September intake

  99. venisia

    Good day does one qualify for a loan with 19 points in 6 with a C symbol in English?

  100. Ndina

    I am a first year doing Diploma in Education at one of institution in Namibia, my parents are unemployed and now they are struggling to pay tution fee, Is it possible to apply nasfaf now ?

  101. Enlishiha Afrikaner

    I dont know how to apply to nsfas online can i please be help

  102. Martha Uhepa

    Good Evening administrator
    I am a first year student at IUM doing Diploma in Education, done with final exams for this year and I paid for myself this year. The thing is I got funded by NSFAF for the last 2 years { 2019 and 2020} in a different course which I failed last year. My question is, what do I do since I want NSFAF to continue paying for my studies next year? Like 2019 I signed a contract of 4years and they only paid the for2 years. Gladly waiting for your quick response!

  103. Secilia willem

    I want to study dental assistant at ATI with 27 points grade 10,will NSFAF give me alone to study sinces I will be on matured age but I never worked I am just hairdressers

  104. Samuel

    I don’t have an ID but I applied for a citizenship. I want to apply for a loan but it needs an ID number. So what should I do? Can’t I apply without an ID number?

  105. Lydia V Haikali

    Hi admin, i have previously benefited from nsfaf, i have obtained my advanced diploma level 7, am now admitted by unam to pursue my bachelors in education, i have tried logging into my old nsfaf portal but im struggling to get the steps i should take to re-apply for new funding

  106. John

    Hi. I have 24 points in 5 subjects, 28 in 6 subjects and I was admitted at the Welwichia university for a bachelor in nursing. Do I qualify for the funding assistant while I have 24 in 5 but doing a bachelor in nursing?

  107. Laina

    Hello admin incase a person want apply for Nasfaf loan and her/his father is refusing to give his payslip, what did this child do,? Can she/ he provides for mother only plus a declaration state that her/ his father is refusing to give payslip or how do yu assist this kids?

  108. maris

    Do you need Loan to start up your own business or expand your business, Do you need funds to pay off your debt? We give out loan to interested individuals and company’s who are seeking loan with good faith. Are you seriously in need of an urgent loan contact us.
    Email: marisjessica72@gmail.com


    Hi admin. I did a certificate in business administration last year and now I am continuing to do diploma and I already started with classes. I applied for a loan and I am rejected. Why I am rejected?

  110. Globe

    Hi, do you fund students from Welwitchia health training centre that meet the requirements to study at the institution…like 26 points in 6 subjects but don’t have 25 points in 5 subjects that have been admitted .
    I really need a loan, I tried last year and wasn’t accepted and it’s really depressing because any other person studying at be it VTC or other colleges get accepted and we don’t but we are accepted and studying even if we don’t have 25 points in 5 subjects ..my mom is a baker, my dad passed away when I was 16 and my mom’s salary is not even close to cover my fees and she has two other kids that she needs to take care of too…please help

  111. Monalisa Garoes

    Im currently doing Diploma in Junior Primary at IOL and want to apply for funding for my second year. Should I apply as undergraduate or post-.

  112. Rejoice Namandje

    Hi,am currently doing my certificate at ICARE TRAINING INSTITUTE with points 20 In 5 E in English, want to apply for a loan but it say I must apply under college,how do I do that,should I choose any VTC or how?

  113. Shuudeni foibe

    HI ADIMISTRATOR? How long do nansaf take to respond to the application of a loan and how much refund do office administrator level one get?

  114. Christine Eises

    Hi my name is Christine Eises and i want to apply for a loan i will be my first year at IOL for primary education teaching do i qualify

  115. Daniel Hafeni

    Hi, my name is Daniel ,can Nasfaf accept three certificates of grade 11 new curriculum . I upgraded twice at namcol until I got 24 points in six subjects ,
    What should I do to be funded next year at the university ,may you please help me?

  116. Adolfo Patricia

    Hi, am currently admitted at Nust and studying bachelor of human resources management, I don’t have an ID, will it be possible to fund my studies

  117. Claudia Nashimbala

    Can you apply for Nasfaf if you have 24 points in five and 26 in six with a level 2 in English?

  118. Stanley

    Hi administrator would it be possible for me to apply for a loan if I don’t have my father’s I’d and declaration. The only document i have is the declaration from my mother not knowing where my father is.

    1. Roide

      Hi ,im doing certificate in health sciences foundation,and I admitted in enrolled nursing ,my grade 12 point is less then that you asking can I apply using this certificate for foundation?

  119. Simeon Heicky

    I am schooling at Valombola Vvtc doing hospitality and tourism. I do apply NASAF but when I enter my ID to go in the portal , it doesn’t want to go through apparently my NASFAF ID is wrong. Do I need to reapply or how am I go about it?

  120. Patricia Amutenya

    Hi to everyone. I am a 19 year old girl and I applied at welwitchia health training center. I want to apply for a loan since my parents are unable to pay for my school due to financial problems. I still did not get the admission letter they will give it to me on the 1st of April and nsfaf due date is on the 31 March. Can I not apply and upload the proof of registration from the first of April? I need help.

    1. Patricia Amutenya

      And I have 35 points in six subjects..please help me

  121. Penexupifo Lihongeni Ndishishi

    I am trying to apply for the loan but I am not going through. I tried for more than 3 days since 22 March but I can not go through. My network and internet is not a problem. How can I apply?
    Please assist.

  122. OTHER

    I am trying to apply but it keeps saying the service is unavailable. What is happening and the due date is close by…..What should I DO IN THIS REGARD?

  123. Mbango cathbert

    Hello , it’s like the moment I applied for nsfaf was doing bachelor’s of accounting and now I’ve changed to bachelor’s of education , so al I wanna ask is , is it possible to change / edit my application form ?

  124. Nangolo Anna Tulela

    After beloved I applied for nasaf with my phone and my application is successful, but when I’m trying to apply for someone else with the same phone, my details in portal, don’t want to disappear, what must i do, or is it impossible to use the same phone

  125. Hilka

    hi i’m hilka doing Certificate in wellness got 22 point in 5 i just wanted to know if its possible for me to get a laon.

  126. Muduni

    This system is poor. It cannot handle the number of applicants. It is going on and off all the time. The deadline is looming and we are stuck. What will NSFAF do to help those of us who were failed by the system?

  127. Iria shikongo

    You rejected me ,and I don’t know what went wrong ,can you please tell me what I did wrong or I will never be accepted

  128. Hainingi

    Hello I need help, I want to apply for a loan but iam a September intake and I don’t have a proof of registration for 2022 I only have proof of registration for September 2021. What can I do please help

  129. Help

    Hello, I am trying to apply but I am stuck on the first phase because it keeps on giving me the error” cannot validate Namibian ID even though I am inserting the correct ID number
    What must I do?

  130. Florinda Shilongo

    Good day admin.. I applied for bachelor of nursing at Welwitschia for September intake, when can I apply for a loan? Please help

  131. Hilma Kamhulu

    Good day, I was told to resubmit my guardian decralation, must I attach her ID as well or it’s just her decralation and that is it. Other thing is why is NASFAF never pick up their telephone because it’s not easy to travel to the office just to ask a simple question.

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  133. Aletha

    Nasfaf Never puck up. I want to ask if there is any list coming up as I saw the awarded list is out already. Y application is still written pending approval.

    I am worried. They don’t pick up they don’t reply emails.

  134. Regnalda akwenye

    I want to apply for a loan …but I am late for that .I wanted to go study at welwitchia September intake but I don’t have money to take me there .can you please help me .


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