By | December 15, 2017

Southern Business School (SBS)  Admission Forms

Completing the Registration Form
Now you should be ready to complete the registration form. If you prefer to receive this form by post or email, let us know by contacting SBS at 011-662-1444. Other files that you should download include the debit order form and a student application form. If you are from South Africa, or any other country, use the Southern Business School forms. Please note that the Namibian forms are only intended for Namibian students.
Downloadable Registration Documents Below

South African Students

Namibian Students

Registration Form
Registration Form NAM
Debit Order Study Fees
Debit Order Study Fees NAM
Student Card Application
Student Card Application NAM
Subject Choice Form
Subject Choice Form NAM
Southern Business School Fees
Southern Business School Fees NAM

APPLICATION FORMS (Only applicable to Master of Policing & Master of Management Degrees)

MASTER’S Application form
MASTER’S Application form NAM