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2017/2018 Business Plan Writing Contest with $1000 each for a Winner

Are you within the ages of 17 to 35 and have an idea or business venture that can create value and provide a drive to the industry or social sector in your locality? Then participate in’s writing contest and stand a chance to win attractive prizes and be recognized on an international scale.


Theme Entrepreneurial Solutions to Address Developmental Challenges
The business writing contest is open to all college/ university students within the ages of 17 to 35 years
Your business plan should focus on any of the following sectors:
•    Social Entrepreneurship/Non-Profit
•    Education
•    IT/Software
•    Food, Nutrition & Agriculture
•    Creative Industry
•    Healthcare
•    Cultural Industry
•    Energy
•    Other Services
Benefits / Prizes

$1000 each for 5 Winners
Application Instructions

Your business plan must be financially sustainable and/or profitable.
Your business plan must be scalable in the long term.
Scalability will take into account the potential for growth of the business.
Operational “early stage” ventures should not have been in operation for more than 3 years.
 Submitted ventures cannot be wholly owned subsidiaries of already existing business entities The business plan must include a financial analysis as well as a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) You can form a team to research and execute the project.
However, teams can have up to 3 members.
Submission Guidelines
•    Submission of the business plan is to be done only as .PDF.
•    Submission of financial analysis is to be in Excel sheets.
•    Business plan is not to exceed 25 pages plus 5-6 pages of appendices and 1 cover page.
•    Business plan must have a cover page, table of contents, page numbers.
•    Convert all financial numbers to USD and use metric number system.
•    Name your file as follows: business plan, team leader and school (e.g. travel agency, Albert, UAC).
The business plans will be presented to a panel of judges.
Judges review the complete business plans on the following criteria: •    Economics of the business
•    Management team
•    Concept strength
•    Market
•    Operations
•    Financing
Entry Fee:
How to enter the contest
Send you best work to lasts by the 14th September 2018, 2300 hrs IST.
Got a query? Send it to Good luck everyone!! Web: Inquiry: Contest Link:


Award : $1000 each for 5 Winners

Deadline: 14 September 2018

Category : Bachelor

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