By | May 4, 2021

Africure Pharmaceuticals Namibia (Pty) Ltd Job Vacancies

africure is Born to Heal.

We have state of the art manufacturing facilities in key geographies of French & English speaking Africa located in Cameroon, Namibia, Botswana and Côte d’Ivoire , we also have upcoming plants in Ethiopia & Zimbabwe , the combined manufacturing capacity is the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa in Oral Solid Dosage forms.

Our hardworking and enthusiastic senior and mid-level teams are trained in India and bring rich domain knowledge and experience which will ensure that all the prescribed covenants for maintaining cGMP during the manufacturing process are maintained consistently.

Our people carry the confidence that we will do our very best to ensure safe and highly productive work environments and that we will make large investments in training and development so that they are future ready at all times.

As a good corporate citizen, we will work towards leadership in governance, compliance and environmental protection.

We will strive to do all that it takes to make all our stake holders proud by delivering High Quality Products, On Dot Deliveries and Consistent Availability.

africure is committed to African Health.

Contact Information

Africure Pharmaceuticals Namibia Pty. Ltd.

Unit 8, Epic Park, Gold Street, Prosperita,

Contact Person:
Soumit Ghosh
 +267 76653056


The Africure Pledge

I the undersigned perfectly understand that my company and I are involved with the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products that will help save people’s lives and alleviate their sufferings

I solemnly pledge

  • To only follow the path of truth, and only do what is right.
  • To follow the prescribed standard operating procedures meticulously and not deviate.
  • To immediately disclose my failures and seek support and correction.
  • To ensure that my organization delivers on its promise, by me first delivering on mine.

We can do a lot for you, share with us what you can do for us…