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How to Apply to Africa Leadership Institute (ALI)

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ALI’s Certificate in Transformational Leadership (Level 5) is intended for people in a range of leadership positions. The qualification enables transformational leaders to address crises in Namibia and Africa such as corruption, crime, family and community disintegration, poverty, unemployment, underdevelopment, skills deficiencies, and health related challenges. It develops transformational leaders through the principles of Servanthood, Influence, Truth and Results as espoused in Christian teachings.

Holders of this qualification are able to:

  • Explore and apply transformational leadership within their own lives and/or within a sphere(s) of influence through which Namibia and Africa will be transformed by means of:
  • Demonstrate awareness and appreciation of self as a potential transformational leader (including personal behaviour style, strengths, weaknesses, past experiences and the freedom to use this all to the benefit of those around you)
  • Demonstrate continuous renewal of the mind, lifelong learning and the living of abundant lives.
  • Identify and pursue divinely prepared opportunities for action towards delivering lasting results.
  • Build skilled teams for transforming a sphere of influence (including communication, conflict, relationships, networking, capacity building etc)
  • Develop sustaining and enduring character as a transformational leader (including servanthood, discipline, integrity, attitude, commitment, endurance)
  • Demonstrate impact on the lives of others and/or a community through transformational leadership.
  • Enhance family life through transformational leadership.

Completion requirements:

Successful completion of this qualification requires a one year commitment during which leaders need to attend 3 weeks of training (Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3) and a weekend seminar as well as the required assessment processes involved.

Practical arrangements:

Weeks of training starts at 07:00 on the Monday of specific training weeks and concludes on the Friday of that week at 11:00. Weekend seminars starts at 18:30 on the specific Friday and concludes at 11:00 on the Sunday morning.

Costs for the Certificate in Transformational Leadership:

N$18 000,00 (including training, training material, accommodation and meals for 15 days of training)

ALI is registered with the Namibian Training Authority (NTA). Companies, who are requiredto pay NTA levies can reclaim training fees from the NTA (conditions apply).

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