By | November 29, 2017
Welcome to IOL’s Academic qualifications. IOL prides itself in its Academic NQA Accredited Qualifications Offerings. you can now study for a teaching qualifications via distance mode at a convenient time and place suitable to your lifestyle.
IOL offers its Academic qualifications on levels 7 and 8 and has recently introduced two new qualifications; DES and DE!

Diploma in Junior Primary Education NQF Level 7

Diploma in Education: Secondary NQF level 7


Diploma in Education (Post Graduate) NQF Level 8


Bachelor of Education Honours NQF Level 8


Bachelors of Education in Senior Primary NQF Level 7


Advanced Certificate in Senior Primary Education NQF level 7


IOL offers;

– Policing Pre- Qualification (Bridging Course) POLP
– Policing Certificate POLC, NQF Level 5
– Policing Diploma POLD, NQF Level 6
Grade 12 as accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education (NSSC)
IOL offers Grade 12 on ordinary level