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Aranos Town Municipal Council Job Vacancies

About Us

Aranos has been proclaimed on the 15th of January 1958 as a Village, according to Ordinance no.16 of 1937.  On 01 September 2010, Aranos was proclaimed a town by the Minister of Regional and Local Government and Rural Development via Government Gazette No. 4556. The current council consists of seven (7) elected  members which include a mayor, deputy mayor, a management committee and ordinary members. The staff structure consists of the Chief Executive Officer, who is the head of administration and two department heads for finance, administration and HR and one for Technical Services and Engineering. The newly staff structure makes provision for 39 positions although only 18 positions are currently filled.

Our mission and vision

The Aranos Town Council’s mission is to provide excellent and sustainable basic infrastructure and social services according to our mandate and local needs to the community for improved living standards through skilled, motivated and accountable staff and partners in development supported by appropriate systems and technology.

Our vision is to be known as affective, efficient, customer focused, competent, competitive and a centre of growth in the provision of appropriate and sustainable physical and socio-economic services towards community development and health with enhanced independence and income

Location and nature

Aranos is the main centre in the eastern part of the Hardap Region and is inhabited by various population and income groups. Its key economic activity is commercial farming supported by agricultural activities, retail, small industry, construction and tourism. Closely located to the Nossob River Basin and amongst the red dunes of the Kalahari, it is also only situated about 130km from the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (of Botswana and South Africa).

Contact Information

Tel: 063-272051/55
Fax  063-272373


C/O Park and brand Street
157 Aranos,Namibia



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