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Business Financial Solutions Job Vacancies

About Us

In 2008, a dream was realized when Business Financial Solutions (BFS), a Namibian multi-disciplinary advisory and investment management holding firm was established by Kauna Ndilula. Passionate about financial sector ecosystem development, BFS offers a wholesome offering of financial and non-financial intervention that are geared to improve the environment to enable SME growth and success.

BFS delivers a wide range of innovative and sustainable business and financial management solutions to SMEs at different stages of their business life. BFS has also being catalytic in influencing the SME sector policy and in structuring financial interventions to mitigate the gap in the market.

Our Offering

  • Funding: We provide funding through our investment products and investment facilitation with associate partners.
  • Consulting Services: We have experts on strategy development and institutional capacity enhancement, policy development and business process optimization.
  • Enterprise Support: We have significant experience in business management, enterprise development and operations management, particularly with growing companies. Our key professionals have managed and turned around ailing enterprises. We understand the challenges of young companies and the need to develop competencies that will enable enterprises to compete internationally.
  • Market-Entry Support: We support foreign investors with market entry services through direct support required to facilitate the entry and establishment of companies in Namibia.
  • Access to Investment Opportunities: Our team is well networked and has strong strategic and networking skills that will enhance access to investment opportunities. The key team members have solid and credible strategic alliances.
  • Academic Credentials: We offer a team of highly qualified professionals, well equipped to manage contemporary business challenges.

Contact Us

Business Financial Solutions
Corner of Jan Jonker Road & Julius K. Nyerere Street,
P.O.Box 5064, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek

Tel: (061) 388 600
Fax: (061) 239772

Job Vacancies

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