By | December 15, 2017

Center For Training and Projects Development (CTPD)  Admission Forms

Applicant must ensure that:

  1. The enrolment agreement form is properly and fully completed and that each page is initialed and signed;
  2. He/she provides all the required documentations such as certified copies of qualifications, Identity Card/Pass port photos, Supporting letters from employers, etc.
  3. He/she deposits registration fees into the respective Centre’s Bank Account provided on the enrolment agreement form and submits original copy of the deposit as proof before being issued with an official receipt
  4. He/she is issued with an official Centre Receipt, stamped with Official Company Stamp and Signed by the Centre Manager for every payment made to the Centre. Please note that CTPD does not receive cash payments,
  5. He/she obtains a written acknowledge letter confirming that his/her completed enrolment agreement form has been received
  6. He/she obtains status of his/her application for studies within 30 working days. If admitted, an Admission letter issued by the Admission section in the Quality Assurance and Compliance Office must also be obtained through the respective Centre together with the Time Table, Syllabuses, and any other information.
  7. Once Admission letter is issued, the student must receive an official invoice with the statement of account, copies of rules and regulations, Student’s card, etc. The admission letter should usually stipulate the dates for students’ orientation and class commencement
  8. He/she must attend students’ orientation without fail

Download Center For Training and Projects Development (CTPD) Application Form 

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