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Coleman Transport Namibia Job Vacancies

About Us

Company Profile

The provision of road transport and logistics solutions between South Africa and neighbouring Southern African countries such as Namibia is greatly facilitated by services provided by the private sector. This is especially the case with specialised transport associated with mining operations in many of these countries.

The success of large national and multinational mining companies in Southern Africa is heavily dependent on transport and logistics solutions for the provision of the consumables that keep the relevant mines running. Experienced road transport operators, especially those that deliver a high quality, skilled, niche service is infrequently encountered.

One such company is Coleman Transport, which has 25 years’ experience in transporting a variety of goods between South Africa and Namibia. Coleman Transport is a privately-owned company that is AA compliant in Namibia. With humble beginnings in 1993 the company has grown to become the road cargo transport and logistics solution of choice for mining companies in Namibia and other industries requiring the inward transport of necessary consumables.


We offer the following services:

  • Load consolidation road transport services;
  • Breakbulk road transportation;
  • Line haul domestic & X-border transportation;
  • Storage and warehousing facilities;
  • Bonded warehouse (Walvis Bay) and bonded transport (Namibia -Walvis Bay);
  • Receiving and dispatching of goods;
  • Road transport distribution;
  • Clearing and forwarding of goods;
  • Materials handling (mining equipment and related chemicals and sundries);
  • Local collections and deliveries to various warehouses for load consolidation;
  • Insurance on goods to the value of the declared invoices;
  • Explosives transportation – ANPP & explosives emulsion;
  • Bulk fuel, HFO and HEF transportation;
  • Dealing with and transporting hazardous goods;
  • Dealing with and transportation of grinding media on flat decks and side tippers;
  • Dealing with abnormal loads;
  • Dealing with specialised loads;
  • Reagents;

Contact Information

Head Office Windhoek, Namibia

Plot 30, Emmerentia
 PO Box 9659
 Tel. +264 84 000 9100
Fax. +264 84 000 9112


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