By | March 2, 2021

Denmark Embassy in Namibia Job Vacancies


Maximum impact

Denmark must have a central position in international cooperation. This is the prerequisite for being able to work for Danish interests and values. Denmark must never be on the sidelines.

Effective help for Danes in need abroad

Danes in emergency situations abroad must have effective help from the Danish embassies and consulates.

The companies’ preferred partner

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be the most relevant and qualified partner for export companies or companies that want to invest abroad. The ambition also applies to foreign companies that are considering investing in Denmark.

World-class Danish development assistance 

Denmark must have a significant position in international development assistance. The Danish development assistance must be measurable with the world’s very best.

Appreciated advice and cooperation on international issues 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be a valued adviser and partner in relation to the government and central administration.

Active and open communication 

Danish foreign policy attitudes and values ​​must be actively and openly communicated to foreign partners and to the Danish public. 

Competent, efficient, outgoing and service-oriented

Keywords for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ contact with the outside world.

An attractive workplace

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be an attractive workplace that can recruit and retain the best and most competent employees. It must be a workplace with great job satisfaction.


In a changing world, the mission of the State Department is that

 ‘work for Denmark’s interests and values ​​in relation to the outside world in a way that promotes the Danes’ freedom, security and prosperity as well as a more peaceful and just world with development and economic growth for all’.

Embassy of Denmark, Namibia

iParioli Office Park, Block B2, Ground Floor, 1166 Park Street, Hatfield0083 Pretoria

Tel:  +27 (0) 12 430 9340


Opening hours: Monday 9-16, Tuesday 8-16, Wednesday 8-16, Thursday 8-16, Friday 8-14

Job Opportunities

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs regularly advertises positions in the foreign service, positions in connection with Denmark’s co-operation with developing countries, as well as positions in a number of international organizations of which Denmark is a member.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs employs approx. 1350 employees, of which approx. 850 work in Copenhagen, and approx. 500 have been sent to the Danish representations abroad. In addition, there is a larger number of locally employed employees at the representations abroad.

Below is an overview of vacancies in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the embassies, in DANIDA, in the Trade Council, as well as secondary positions, ie positions in international organizations that Denmark has decided to finance.

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