By | October 31, 2017

Details of Bank BIC Namibia Limited Vacancies

Bank BIC

Work for Us

Bank BIC’s objective is to attract, retain, manage and develop professional talent, under working conditions that give rise to a true feeling of pride and belonging among all employees.

Human Resources strive in creating the best working conditions for all. Individual career plans are created for each employee, including mentoring, and continuous investment in the development of the employees’ technical and behavioural skills. The satisfaction and motivation of our employees is pivotal to our success.

Employee Benefits & Training Provided at Bank BIC

  • Medical Aid
  • Pension Fund
  • Mentoring Scheme
  • Continuous Education and Training
  • Ample Opportunities to Travel Abroad
  • Portuguese Courses


Human Resources are recruiting for various roles nationally and welcome all resumes for the main Banking areas of expertise.

Contact Human Resources

Please do not hesitate in contacting our Human Resources department at:

Human Resources Manager

Marisa Lemos

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