By | November 1, 2017

Details of Investec Asset Management in Namibia Vacancies

Investec Asset Management provides investment products and services to institutions, advisory clients and individuals. Our clients include pension funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, foundations, financial advisers and individual investors.

It all began in South Africa in 1991. We were a small start-up offering domestic strategies in an emerging market.

Why work for us?

Investec Asset Management has grown from its small start-up roots in South Africa to its current global presence through largely organic growth and ultimately the personal drive of the people who work for us.

As we continue to grow and evolve this philosophy still remains and we support internal growth and development where possible.

As we strive to support our employees reaching their full potential, we do not box people in to job titles and job descriptions. We remain open minded to people expanding their roles, moving jobs and changing their career paths.

We employ highly curious and self-motivated individuals and we believe it is this constant opportunity for new challenges within the organisation that has resulted in our high proportion of long standing employees.

We believe strongly in developing our employees however we also believe in recognising individual talents, strengths and ambitions.  We believe the best person that can drive your career in the direction you want it to go is you therefore, rather than prescribing a generic career path for all, our leadership and HR team apply a pragmatic and real-life approach to guide and support you towards reaching your professional goals.

We strive to create an environment that supports an open forum of new ideas, that welcomes debate and encourages challenging the status-quo. A combination of our founder-led leadership team, together with our simple structure, provides support in navigating towards implementing these ideas.

What we look for

 “Working at Investec Asset Management should be an adventure, not a job. We share a pioneering spirit: ‘the freedom to create’. We look for employees who enjoy a sense of individual responsibility and ownership. We hope this gives them the opportunity to follow what they are passionate about which ultimately results in both great success for them personally and for us as a business.”
– Hendrik du Toit, Chief Executive Officer

Results and relationships remain at the core of our thinking. We look for employees who can deliver excellence in their field through working in a collaborative manner.

As we grow the company organically from the bottom up we look to our ambitious employees for idea generation as we continue to build and evolve our business responsibly and in a stable and sustainable manner.

Day to day this manifests itself in highly self-motivated individuals who take initiative, who walk across the floor to talk to their colleagues and who can be flexible in their approach. We look for optimistic and energised individuals who can take responsibility and run with it.

We are conscious of our impact and responsibility to create a better future – to our investors, clients and the world we live in therefore we look for thoughtful employees who align with our belief in doing the right thing.