By | February 24, 2021

EON Property Services Job Vacancies in Namibia


Eon Property

EON is the market leader and plays a significant role in the local property market by delivering a full range of property management services for all types of properties

More than just looking after buildings, we believe it’s our job to look after the people who live and work in them. That’s why we strive to deliver better property management services to the market.



  •  Our employees are trained fully before they are deployed into the field.
  •  A Dedicated account manager is appointed for every Body Corporate and is further supported by the administration back office.
  •  A dedicated Municipal Accounts Officer is employed to scrutinize and liaise with the Municipality to resolve the numerous account errors that occur on the account.
  •  All the staff subscribe to the our customer service charter to deliver a better Body Corporate management experience for clients and to make sure:
  • To attend to maintenance and repairs without delay
  • To deliver on a sound arrear collection policy


  •  Convenient and easy access to certified contractors and suppliers on our database
  •  24/7 maintenance through our in house maintenance team
  •  Online banking services to make payments on behalf of the Body Corporate
  •  Exclusive benefits for lower negotiated charges on:
  • Audit Fees
  • Bank Charges
  • Refuse Charges
  • Insurance claim bargaining power


  •  More than 15 years’ experience and being a leader in establishing new Body Corporate schemes
  •  Legal advice. We’ve often played an instrumental role in driving key legislative changes by providing expert Body Corporate Manager management advice to government, industry bodies and our customers
  •  In-house team of specialists, including building compliance, insurance, debt recovery, data management, technology and sustainability
  •  Leader in debt recovery. Our association with Erasmus and Associates has provided an in house attorney and consistently collected 85% of debts without having to initiate court action.


   (+264 61) 226 000
   (+264 61) 220 085

   P.O. Box 310

   16 Wagner Street, Windhoek West.

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