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Erongo Radiology Job Vacancies

Erongo Radiology

Erongo Radiology is a private X-ray facility committed to providing the highest quality patient care. Quality imaging, diagnostic excellence and the needs of our patients form the cornerstone of our service ethos. Our motto is: Quality care by people who care.

Being a multi-specialty Radiology Practice, our team of South African HPCSA certified and Allied Health Professions Council of Namibia registered, diagnostic Radiologists are committed to providing the highest quality radiological services possible to our patients through our state-of-the-art radiology equipment.

We have the following imaging modalities available at our main branch at the Welwitschia Hospital: General X-rays, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, Low Dose CT Scan, Mammography and MRI.

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Tel: +264 218 935
Fax: +264 218 938

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