By | March 22, 2021

Expeditors Freight Forwarding Namibia Job Vacancies


Founded: 1979

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, USA

Regional Headquarters: London, Dubai, Shanghai, and Singapore

Locations: 357

Countries: +60

Continents: 6

Employees: +18,000


Expeditors’ menu of core services offers full-spectrum support for an array of industries, and for the unique logistics challenges they present. From wholesale global logistics, to specific supply chain enhancements, all services are supported by leading-edge information technology systems operating on a single, global operating platform.

At the heart of every project are Expeditors’ specialists, whose knowledge and insight are driven by long-term industry experience.

When you work with Expeditors, we’ll design a plan that’s customized for your logistics and business goals, and supported by Expeditors’ professionals at every point in the supply chain.

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Expeditors – Windhoek (Agent)


Country Code: 264
Tel: (61) 371100
5 von Braun Street
Southern Industrial Area
PO Box 6746
Windhoek, Namibia


At Expeditors, we recruit, train, and retain the very best logistics and technical experts the world over. We love to promote from within—more than 27 percent of our staff of more than 17,000 employees has been at Expeditors 10 years or more. Our high retention rate is influenced by a unique compensation program for positions that are more than just jobs—they’re chances to grow, thrive, and do what you love.

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