By | January 17, 2020

Feedmaster in Namibia Job Vacancies

Feedmaster in Namibia Job Vacancies

About FeedMaster

Founded in 1983 Feedmaster is the leading animal feed manufacturer and part of the Namib Mills Investments Group (NMI) in Namibia. Our strategic intent is to be the leading supplier of technologically advanced animal feed products and value added services, through skilled and committed staff.

Based in Windhoek and surrounds, today Feedmaster, with its three feed mills, provides its customers a wide range of scientifically proven animal feed products, developed especially for Namibian conditions. Our team of technical nutritionists and advisors are highly skilled and we pride ourselves on the fact that our product specifications are based on local research.

Our website features a blog that focuses on news, research and success stories and serves as a toolkit for the education of Namibian farmers. Part of this toolkit is an innovative app designed to optimise the profitability of your farm, which can be downloaded from the website.

The Feedmaster website also showcases technical product information and serves as a source for the latest prices on meat and grain commodities for the Namibian meat industry.

As a socially responsible business, Feedmaster is also involved in various activities focusing on social investment and education in the agricultural community.

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