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Sustainable refrigerated transport requires fine-tuned well-managed discipline and systems and planning. At GJE Transport, we believe in excellent maintenance to ensure that our equipment yields maximum performance, efficiency and safety at all times. We have high standards when it concerns the maintenance of our fleet; our on-site workshops, which include trailer repair specialists, assure efficiency and precision.

Our own on site trailer repair specialists ensure our liners are in the best possible condition. This gives you peace of mind that your load will arrive as it was loaded –  so you can serve your customers better.

 All our vehicles are equipped with live satellite tracking mechanisms, as well as cellular telephones, permitting two-way communication for the entire duration of the journey. 

 We pride ourselves in the fine-tuned logistical management of sensitive loads. Our trailers are fitted with electronic temperature recorders; and all our drivers actively monitor load temperatures at regular intervals. The latest temperature and cooling unit software ensures your load, be it export fresh goods or frozen fish, will arrive in the best condition possible.

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