How to Apply for the NSFAF

How to Apply for the Namibia Students’ Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF)

The current Student Intake comes with new features, functions and services to all applicants and potential students. The entire process has been streamlined and each applicant received an instant preliminary award notification followed by document validation. The award can take place within 48 hours provided that all supporting documents are attached and the applicant is registered. Your application status will be reported to you automatically by SMS and email.

The Eligibility Checker

The new eligibility checker, available by SMS, USSD, Facebook Messenger and Web, informs all undergraduate Grade 12 Full Time and all Undergraduate Grade 12 with Multiple Grade 12 Certificates applicants who have obtained between their Grade 12 between 2012 and 2016 with their respective application and funding eligibility in less than a minute. Check out our Guides on how to use the eligibility checker.

The Application

The new application is tailor made for each applicants needs and divided on eight categories:

  • Undergraduate Grade 12 Full Time,
  • Undergraduate Post-Grade 12 Qualification,
  • Undergraduate Multiple Grade 12 Certification,
  • Undergraduate Foreign Grade 12 (those who completed grade 12 outside Namibia),
  • Mature Age,
  • Post Graduate,
  • Undergraduates Grade 12 before 2012.

Each application consists of 5 easy to use steps. When the application is submitted, relevant documents such as terms & conditions, contract, acknowledgement letter etc. will automatically be send to the applicant by eMail.

They can also be printed direct from within the application. A preliminary award is being issued, subject to proof of supporting documents. Status notifications of the application process and reminders to provide certain information or documents will be sent by SMS and email automatically.

Application Guide

The Supporting Documents

Before submitting the application, applicants can upload relevant supporting documents such as Namibian ID, Parental Income statements, Orphan Status Certificates, Qualifications etc. for validation.

If the needed documents are not at hand at the time of application, applicants can easily provide the required documents by Telefax or by email. Supporting Documents can also be provided at any of NSFAF regional offices, at the NSFAF Head Office or to one of the 140 mobile assistance teams who will be in all 14 regions and at all relevant campuses.

Documents provided will be validated from the NSFAF Awards Team. Status notifications of the application process or any further requirement will be send by SMS and eMail automatically. We aim to issue a preliminary award, subject to registration at an institute of higher learning within 48 hours.

The Four Step Award Notification

Step 1 – The eligibility checker informs the applicants instantly on the eligibility to apply for NSFAF funding.

Step 2 – After the application has been submitted, the applicants receive an instant preliminary award, subject to proof of relevant documents.

Step 3 – When the documents have been provided by the applicant either by Telefax eMail or personally _ NSFAF aims to provide a preliminary award, subject to registration at an institute of higher learning within 48 hours.

Step 4 – When the applicant has successfully registered at an institute of higher learning, a final award letter including all details of the funding is being issued.

All Documents and Informations about the Status of the application or any further requirement are provided by SMS and eMail.

The Terms & Conditions and Contract

At the time of submitting the application. The terms & conditions need to be read and approved.

At the same time, the terms & conditions will be provided by email to the applicant and in case of the applicant being a minor, the terms and condition can also be provided to his/her parents or guardians by email. The terms & conditions can also be printed before submitting the application.

The terms & conditions need to be signed by the applicant, and in case of the applicant being a minor by the parents or guardians and provided as supporting documents to NSFAF for any award to be confirmed.

The payments for Applications who have not signed terms and conditions will not be processed, the same apply to minors whose parents or Guardians have not signed on their behalf.

The NSFAF Helpdesk and Mobile Assistance Teams

The NSFAF application help desk can be reached by: