By | March 18, 2021

Impeccable Technology & Designs Namibia Job Vacancies

Impeccable Technology & Designs is an Information Technology(IT)  and Graphic Design company based in Windhoek Namibia. Our aim is to offer top notch quality and services in the IT and graphic design arena. Our team nests vast experience in the Tech and Design fields and our accomplishments speak for themselves via our portfolio. Our work link provides an insight of what we have done and are here to do. We cover all IT, Graphic designing and printing related needs. We are Impeccably professional and timely on delivery.

Impeccable DESIGNS deals with graphic designs of different artefacts such as event posters, picture editing and colour correction, all kinds of logo designs, flyers, banners, Adverts, business cards, magazines, newsletters, invitation cards, websites layout, outdoor and indoor signage, album cover designs and so much more.

Impeccable TECH deals with Website development, App development, Software development, Network architecture, Server setup and configurations, general IT consultancy, computer troubleshooting, laptop screen replacements, computer sales, Computer peripherals sales (hard drives, processors, RAM, screens etc) software installations and so much more.

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Address: Windhoek, Namibia

Phone : +264 81 753 4100

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