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International Writing Program : Fall Residency

The Fall Residency is a component of the International Writing Program (IWP) and is the oldest and largest multicultural writing residency in the world. The Fall Residency brings outstanding authors from every continent to the University of Iowa. The goal of the Fall Residency is to provide authors with the setting for cultural exchange and also with the time and space to write, read, translate, study, and to become part of the vibrant literary and academic community at the University of Iowa.The Fall Residency is an unique experience for rising stars and established writers who have achieved literary distinction in their own countries, as well as demonstrated literary talent, broad appeal, and an interest in contributing to the creative writing culture in their home countries. Each fall, 25-35 writers gather in Iowa City for this 10-week residency to work on their own projects, to give readings and lectures, and to interact with American audiences and literary communities across the U.S. Writers share their literary cultures with others and establish contacts with the larger US publishing scene. This year, the Fall Residency will be marking its 50th Anniversary and will run from August 19th to November 7th, 2017.”

In addition to the Fall Residency, IWP coordinates several massive open online courses (MOOCs) each year on topics related to creative writing and social issues which are free of charge and open to non-U.S. citizens and U.S. citizens. MOOCs provide participants the opportunity to learn from IWP Fall Residents and University of Iowa professors through video lectures, discussion-based instruction, and reading and writing assignments.


10 weeks

Eligibility and Application Overview

Public applications are not accepted. Interested applicants should contact the nearest embassy of consulate in his or her country. The candidate should:

  • Be primarily a writer of fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, drama, or screenplays;
  • Not be a resident of the United States;
  • Be an established or emerging creative writer who has at least one published volume, or works that have appeared in significant publications over the last two years;
  • Have some prior form of national or local recognition for the candidate’s literary achievements;
  • Should be ready to provide a compelling sample in English;
  • Be able to speak English;
  • Be comfortable with cross-cultural dynamics and interested in close interaction with artists from diverse cultures.
Contact Information

For more information about the program, please visit the International Writing Program Fall Residency Website. To learn more about  MOOCs, please visit International Writing Program MOOCs.

About the Writing Program

The International Writing Program (IWP) is a unique conduit for the world’s literatures, connecting well-established writers from around the globe, bringing international literature into classrooms, introducing American writers to other cultures through reading tours, and serving as a clearinghouse for literary news and a wealth of archival and pedagogical materials. Since 1967, over fourteen hundred writers from more than 150 countries have been in residence at the University of Iowa.

While the IWP conducts classes and tours throughout the year, its principal program is its Fall Residency, which runs from late August to mid-November. The Residency is designed for established and emerging creative writers — poets, fiction writers, dramatists, and non-fiction writers. The minimum requirements are that they have published at least one book, and that they possess sufficient proficiency in English to profit from the Iowa experience.

The Residency provides writers with time, in a setting congenial to their efforts, for the production of literary work. It also introduces them to the social and cultural fabrics of the United States, enables them to take part in American university life, and creates opportunities for them to contribute to literature courses both at the University of Iowa and across the country.

The University of Iowa is the nation’s premier center for creative writing. Talks and readings by, and meetings with, well-known and emerging visiting American writers provide the international writers with a broad exposure to currents in American literature. We also strive to give each writer the opportunity to present her or his work in a public forum. Televised and radio interviews with writers are broadcast in the Iowa City and university communities.

Participants of the Fall Residency do not take classes at the University of Iowa, and no degree is given for participation. The program provides various literary activities, outlined here. All the activities offered by the program are optional, and the writers are free to use their time as they wish, to write or to conduct research. The IWP may also facilitate individual visits to other parts of the United States, including schools and community colleges within Iowa and around the nation.

The U.S. Department of State is a major source of support for the program. The IWP also administers the grants of writers who come to the University of Iowa under subsidy from cultural organizations both in the U.S. and abroad.

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