By | October 18, 2019

Call for InterSol 2020 Papers


2020 is a momentous year for sustainability, biodiversity and climate change policy. It represents the deadline for 21 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets, the year a new post-2020 framework to replace the Aichi Biodiversity Targets will be agreed, and a turning point for climate change, according to the UNFCCC.

This trilemma of policy issues represents a set of globally interlinked challenges, which are particularly significant for Africa.

About InterSol


Today, there is a consensus that complex social-ecological challenges require solutions that are not amenable to separate single-discipline investigation, but require collaboration between many types of traditional disciplines. There is a need for more transdisciplinary practice: where research has a real world impact.

This is the essence behind Interdisciplinary Solutions (InterSol); an international conference dedicated to the advancement of interdisciplinary researches that address people’s needs in underserved areas.

It is intended to (1) encourage innovative interdisciplinary research, development and education that focus on solving problems in underserved areas in Africa and beyond, and (2) create an international research and development community around “interdisciplinary solutions”, which meets annually, publish in international forca, and incentivize members of the community to initiate interdisciplinary research projects that address needs.

Submission and Deadlines

EAI provides Confy submission system:

Regular Papers: 10 – 20 (6000 -8000 words) Short papers: 6 – 10 (2000 words)

Last call submission deadline: 30th September 2019.

Please try to submit your article as early as possible to enable us to have time to have it reviewed and please reach out to use to let us know that you are planning to submit a piece.

We will notify you of the outcome by the 31st of November 2019. The camera ready dealine will be the 4th December 2019.

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