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International University of Management (IUM) 2018 Graduation Information Sheet and Attendance Request Form

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IUM 2018 Graduation


Securing your place – To secure a place at the International University of Management (IUM) Graduation on 28 September 2018 you must have completed all subjects required for an IUM Higher Diploma, Honours Degree or Postgraduate Diploma by 29 March 2018, or Masters Degree by 31 May 2018. You must also have paid all fees due to the University and submitted a graduation application form by 3 August 2018. Late applications will not be accepted. You will receive a Graduation Attendance Letter to confirm you are eligible and will be notified by SMS when it is ready for collection.

How Do I Check if I am eligible? – Come to any IUM Campus and they will immediately check to confirm if you are academically eligible. If you think you qualify but are not confirmed, submit a complete set of your marks (all levels) with your application form at your nearest campus. Your academic eligibility will be confirmed within 3-5 days.

To check if you are financially eligible – check your statement on your student portal to see if there is anything  outstanding. If in doubt, check with the Finance Department at your campus. If I academically and financially  qualify, what next? – Complete the Graduation Attendance Request Form ( and hand in at your nearest campus where clearance will be confirmed.

If you are immediately confirmed as both academically and financially clear you can receive your Graduation
Attendance Letter when you apply (except for students applying at the Swakopmund Research & Consultancy Centre where there will be a delay).



Where and how do I submit my attendance request? – Submit forms at any IUM campus, or post to
IUM Graduation, Private Bag 14005, Bachbrecht, Windhoek (IUM cannot accept responsibility for any forms
lost in the post).

What fees do I have to pay to attend the ceremony – There is a compulsory, non-refundable N$200
administration fee and compulsory fees for attire – please see the table at the end.
Can I attend the Graduation if I have fees outstanding? – All fees outstanding must be paid by 3 August
2018. If you have a problem you should speak to the Finance Department Representative.
I qualified to attend the 2017 graduation ceremony but could not attend. Can I attend this one? –
Yes if you are academically and financially clear but your name will not appear in the 2018 Graduation Book.

The Graduation Attendance Letter which you will get once you are confirmed as eligible, provides details of
the ceremony and what you must do to attend. Space is restricted so there is a maximum of two guests per
graduands. Guests will only be admitted with tickets. Details of how to collect tickets will be in the letter.

What about my certificate/qualification(s)? If you are immediately confirmed as academically clear at the campus check the spelling of your name and check your qualification. If your name is not correctly spelt or

TEL: +264 -61 – 433600
FAX: +264-61 – 4336152

there is another issue with your listing – complete a Qualification Amendment Form available from all campuses. If your name and qualification(s) are correctly listed your certificate is being printed.I expect to collect a qualification not listed – complete the Qualification Addition form and attach a complete set of academic records/marks for the qualification

What must I wear to the Graduation Ceremony? – For all graduands attending the ceremony at least some of the attire is compulsory and must be bought from the University. All must purchase hoods and tassels.Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and PhD graduands must purchase gowns and for PhDs, also bonnets from the University All undergraduates (degree or higher diploma) must wear black gowns which are can be purchased from the University.
Payment for these items must be made with the graduation request form is submitted. Details of where to
collect these items are included in the Graduation Attendance Letter.

What are the Faculty Colours? –You will be given the correct colours and hood for your qualification when
you collect your attire. Please note some colours have changed since 2017.

Note: Forms and attached papers received after 3 August 2018 will not be processed and you will be
unable to take part in the ceremony. Be safe and submit your registration form early.

TEL: 081 633 1132/ 081 267 9647

For the payable fees which are compulsory, click here for the fees structure.