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The //Kharas Region has, according to the Fourth Delimitation Commission (2013), a surface area of 161 325 km2 and it is the largest region in Namibia. To the north, the region borders onto the Hardap Region, to the east along the 20 E Longitude line and to the South along the northern banks of the Orange River, the region shares common international borders with South Africa. The Atlantic Ocean forms the western border.

The //Kharas Region has an estimated population of 76000 (CBS, 2011), the average population density being 0.5 persons per square kilometre. The predominant languages in the region are Nama and Damara, Afrikaans, although Otjherero and Oshiwambo are also commonly spoken.

In the //Kharas Region there are sensitive areas, which are the proclaimed National Parks and Game Parks, they are as follows: as identified by the //Kharas Integrated Regional Land Use Plan(2011); the /Ai-/Ais Hot Springs Game Park and surroundings such as the Fish River Canyon Complex; Area between /Ai-/Ais Hot Springs Game Park and Rosh Pinah, including farms Namuskluft, Zebrafontein, Witputs, Trekpoort and Spitzkop; All natural springs in the //Kharas Region; Warmbad plains; the main ephemeral river courses, notably Fish, Konkiep, Gamchab, Löwen, Holoog/Gaap; Entire length of the Orange River and the Tributary valleys flowing into it; Tiras Mountains and escarpment; Brukkararos Mountain; Groot Karas Mountains; All ephemeral pans; Huib-Hock Plateau; Sperrgebiet Corridor and entire Sperrgebiet area; Namib-Naukluft area; Luderitz peninsula; All Offshore Islands; Aus area( particularly the granite outcrops); Kalahari dunes south of Aroab; Kalahari sparse woodlands on eastern dunes.

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