By | March 17, 2021

Kosha Services Namibia Job Vacancies

Our Story


In 2018, Abisai, Levy, Halleluya, Alex and Vatuva, launched this company at a time where the Namibian economy was in prolonged recession or depression they called it. We did not want to start a traditional cleaning company but build a brand and a unique business, something new, something different. And then Kosha was born, a Home & Office Space Care Company. Founding a company is only step zero of a million steps of building a company, Toini and Etuwete joined to lead our branding and marketing and become the leading home & office care brand that we are today.

What We Value

  • Our People make Kosha
    • Kosha is built by our people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and want to improve their socio-economic status. As a company, we are in pursuit of connections and experiences while our Pros are in pursuit of a better life. That forges a strong bond between our customers and Pro, this bond is driven by sincere care for customers’ homes and care for their families. Thus for every dollar, our customer pays, fifty cents go to our Pros and their families.
  • Our Customers make Kosha
    • We designed Kosha to be customer-facing and customer first. This was purposeful and the right thing to do. Our customers build Kosha through their dedicated ongoing support, referrals, and desire to care better for the spaces they live in. We give back to them through our unconditional effort to deliver better experiences and help them build their families in the most convenient way possible.
  • Our Partners make Kosha
    • At Kosha we believe competition destroys value and renders no real change in society. Hence we love to partner, our partners enable us to deliver on our pursuit for better and connected experiences. We collaborate and cooperate with enterprises such as MTN to deliver home connectivity to Taxi Drivers delivering laundry to our customers. Thus it is not our partner size or stature but shared-vision to help us make Kosha while we help them build their business

Contact Detail

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