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Kuiseb Delta Adventures Namibia Job Vacancies

About Kuiseb Delta Adventures - Namib Desert Tours On A Quad Bike

Walvis Bay with its calm bay and large sand dunes, is the Tourism Activity Center of Namibia. You must, when planning your Namibian Travel or Adventure Holiday, allow enough time in Walvis Bay to enjoy these excellent activities and sightseeing.The unique attraction and activity, however, is an excursion with a knowledgeable guide into the desert. Marine activities one can do anywhere in the world, but the Namib desert and the Kuiseb delta is only here, so do not miss this fantastic opportunity.Walvis Bay is situated in the Kuiseb Delta of Namibia, on the Atlantic coastline of south western Africa, where the big Sand Sea of Sossusvlei meets the Kuiseb River.We take you into the Kuiseb Delta, the pristine “DUNE HEART” of the Namib Desert, the historic home of the ancient Khoi people, a place our guide knows better than anybody else. Come and see the old living places of these Khoi people and experience the “Living Desert”.

See the tracks of the desert elephant, an old human skeleton, the golden dunes of the delta, an historic human footprint as well as the desert chameleon. We are highly environmentally conscious and monitor the area for illegal and harmful activities. As we are also highly safety conscious, thorough training is given before departure on how to safely drive a quad in the dunes. All our tours are owner guided and his main priority is your safety, thus our safety record is the best. He conducts the tours in English, German and Afrikaans.


8th Road West (at Lagoon Chalets), Meersig Walvis Bay, Namibia

Namibia | 081 128 2580
International | +264 81 128 2580

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