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Lark Journeys Namibia Job Vacancies

Who we are

Lark Journeys is a small team of Namibian travel experts with over 20 years combined experience planning and operating personalized Namibian holidays. From a budget camping tour, to a luxury accommodated fly-in safari, a hiking expedition through the Namib Desert, or a wild and untamed experience through some of the lesser travelled parts of Namibia, it’s your Namibian adventure and we are here to help make it a reality. Namibia is easily one of Africa’s undiscovered gems with its variety of stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife areas and diverse cultural groups meaning there really is something here for everyone and our pleasure is helping you to plan your trip, and make sure it happens as seamlessly as possible. With a background in community-based tourism, we also understand the importance of ensuring that your tourism dollar trickles all the way down to those a grassroots level. This could be anything from cultural based tours where you can meet, learn about, and share your own culture with local Namibians in an environment that is beneficial for both parties, without the feeling of intruding, or abusing the rights of the community you are visiting. Alternatively, it could be from supporting activities that generate income for the communities like rhino tracking, elephant tracking, and more, all activities that give communities a sense of pride for the wildlife they live alongside.

Private Transport

We rent out quality camping equipment, satellite phones, GPS and a range of vehicles to make your tour hassle-free.

Diverse Destinations

We are quintessentially a Namibian destination specialist. Our in-depth knowledge of the Namibian culture, people and environment.

Safari Accommodation

From a budget camping tour, to a luxury accommodated fly-in safari, it’s your Namibian adventure and we are here to help make it a reality.

Fast Booking

You can check our availability quickly and get to plan your own bespoke safari. You can join a group scheduled safari or have it private. It is your choice.

Why choose us:

Namibian specialist: We are quintessentially a Namibian destination specialist. Our in depth knowledge of the Namibian culture, people, environment and the local conditions places us in a perfect position to plan your journey to Namibia. Should you wish to add on South Africa, or Botswana & Victoria Falls then we can assist, or recommend another in-country expert for those destinations.

Personal and Customized service: We are a small tour operator that prides ourselves on the personal and detailed attention we give to each request received. We are not, nor do we endeavor to be, the biggest operator around. Each itinerary is developed with your own unique interests and needs in mind. Even our small group tours can be adapted in such a way that the activities you do are in line with what you want. Please let us know any special requests you have, does not matter how difficult it seems! If we cannot handle it than you would have a hard time finding anyone that can.

Objectivity: The properties we book and recommend are chosen simply because they met the criteria and standards that we as a company set. We have no special deals to promote a specific product nor do we have a vested interest in any of the establishments and as such ensure that the advice given is completely impartial and only for the benefit of you, the guest.

On the ground services: It is imperative that you feel safe and well taken care of when going to a destination either for the first time or as a repeat visitor. For the duration of your stay in Namibia we will ensure that all your needs are well taken care of in an efficient and professional manner. We will meet you at the airport or your hotel to provide you with a detailed briefing for your journey with us. We also provide you with the necessary on the ground support in case of an emergency. These are services that can only be offered by Namibian based operators that have the experience and local knowledge, something Lark Journeys prides itself on.

Contact Us

You can find us:

We would love to hear from you. Simply give us a call or write to us and we will get back to you.

Lark Journeys started on the simple premise to share the incredible beauty, pristine landscapes and diverse cultures of Namibia.


244 Nickel Street,
Windhoek, Namibia
Phone: +264 81 209 4783


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