By | May 11, 2021

Led Lighting & Solar Warehouse Namibia Forklift Job Vacancies


LED Lighting and Solar Warehouse was established in April 2009 by Mark Walsh with the vision of providing energy efficiency solutions as well as clean and renewable power solutions to the corporate and private sector within Namibia.We believe in a holistic approach which includes providing you with the best LED Lighting and Solar solutions. We can arrange energy audits / feasibility studies and installations with our highly qualified sub-contractors.We specialise in LED lighting products as it is the most energy efficient lighting source that can:•Save you up to 90% in lighting power consumption. •Have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours•No UV or mercury and are very safe to use •LED lights are environmentally friendly and also work extremely well with solar solutions.

Contact Information

Unit 6 Southern Industrial Park
Daimler Street
Southern Industrial area
Windhoek Namibia.

TEL: 061 302 516
Cell: 081 122 3076
FAX: 061 302 516



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