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List of Military School Courses Offered



Security and Strategic StudiesPostgraduate Diploma
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Training offered

  • Basic training

As the primary training institution, basic training for all NDF recruits is undertaken at the Osona military base outside Okahandja. An extension of the school is also located at the Ondangwa Military Base where Basic training for recruits can also take place. Basic training for recruits is six months long, and is offered in two phases, Basic Military Training and Platoon Weapons.

Some of the military aspects covered include drills, field craft, skill at arms, minor tactics, coin ops, military hygiene, military law, military aspects, first aid, map reading, law of armed conflict and conventional warfare.

  • Officer Cadet course

A cadet officers’ course is run at the military school.

  • Undergraduate offerings
    • Bachelor of Military Science (Honours)

As of 2013, the University of Namibia and the military school jointly began offering the undergraduate Bachelor of Military Science (Honours) degree with three specialization areas, Aeronautical, Army and Nautical. The Nautical specialization is sub-divided into an additional three fields: Nautical-Electronics, Nautical-Mechanical and Nautical-Weapon Systems.

  • Postgraduate offerings
    • Postgraduate diploma in Security and Strategic Studies
    • Master of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies (MA-SSS)

The MA-SSS programme was the first implemented as a joint curriculum between UNAM and the Ministry of Defence in 2007. It is a master’s level degree. It mainly enrolls senior officers of the Namibian military. In 2012 the postgraduate diploma in Security and Strategic Studies was also initiated by the Ministry of Defence and UNAM as a “bridging” course to help students prepare for the tougher Master of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies degree course.