By | November 29, 2017

List of Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) Courses Offered


NETS Short Courses

Part-time Studies

If you are a Christian who would like to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus better but can’t study full-time, NETS part-time studies may be just what you’re looking for. Each semester a variety of different subjects are available as part of our NETS@night programme. Other subjects are taught in blocks during the day so that if you were able to take one day off per week you could attend classes in the morning on a weekday and thereby complete one subject.You can simply come along and join in the classes for a lower fee or you can gain credit toward a Certificate or Diploma in Theology by completing all academic assignments.

NETS@night programme

NETS@night is for Christians who would like to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus better but can’t study full-time. You can simply come along and join in the classes, but it is also possible to gain credit toward a Certificate or Diploma in Theology.

Below you see the courses offered in semester 2/2016.

Study one morning per week

The NETS timetable is organised in such a way that part-time students studying towards a Certificate in Theology can study and complete one subject by attending classes one morning per week. This is offered so that part-time students can complete the Certificate more quickly than by only attending evening classes.

Example: For this semester you could study and complete the subject ‘Introduction to Systematic Theology’ on Thursday mornings from 9 – 12 noon. Alternatively, you could complete the ‘New Testament Introduction into Luke and Acts’ on Tuesday mornings from 9 – 11am for the length of one semester.

NETS Bachelor of Theology Honours Course

Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary Bachelor of Theology – Honours (120 credits – NQF level 8)

The Honours degree serves as a bridge from a Bachelor’s to Master’s degree. It provides you with an option for post-graduate study without having to travel outside of the country. It also provides experienced pastors with an opportunity for deep and structured theological reflection on the task of Christian ministry in Namibia.

The Honours programme is normally a one year (full-time) postgraduate degree but will extend to one year and a half to allow learning and reflection for part-time students. The course is specifically designed to provide smoother entry into Namibian and South African universities and seminaries for master’s studies.

NETS BTh Hons is a part-time postgraduate degree which provides an introductory level to theological research and specialisation. It combines intensives, writing of term papers, submission of journals and reports and research thesis. Although this is not a complete research degree students will be expected to demonstrate competence in writing several academic papers.

Enrolment requirements (please note that we don’t accept new intakes in 2016): To qualify for the BTh Hons, candidates must have obtained at least 60 percent in their undergraduate degree. Additional admission requirements:

  • an accredited Bachelor of Theology or equivalent qualification.
  • an accredited Bachelor’s degree in another field of studies with a certificate or diploma in theology or extensive ministry experience (5 years minimum). To be accompanied by a detailed portfolio that will be assessed by the Residential Lecturers’ Committee that will make recommendations and if necessary assign an undergraduate level admission test or coursework.
Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary Certificate in Applied Christian Ministry Course

This course is run in partnership with approved Christian ministries and churches to give experience and to equip people at a basic level for Christian ministry:

  • with encouragement towards living a godly life
  • with a broad base of biblical knowledge
  • with a basic social understanding of Namibia
  • with basic skills in ministry (Bible teaching, interpersonal relationships)
  • with structured experiential learning within a ministry context

We want to equip people to understand the Bible and to serve God with the gifts He has given them.

Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary Certificate in Theology Course

Like the Certificate in Applied Christian Ministry this course aims to equip students at a basic level for ministry in churches and communities, but on a higher academic level with less exposure to practical ministry. Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that graduates would be well equipped to understand the Bible and the Christian faith. Graduates from this programme are eligible to enter the Diploma and Bachelor of Theology programmes.

Requirements: This program is the first-year building block toward completion of the Bachelor’s degree, but it can also be taken as a stand-alone program. For those students wanting only the Certificate, Grade 12 matriculation is required, but there is no requirement for total points. For those students who wish to continue on for the Diploma or Degree, they must have 25 matriculation points. To complete this Certificate, students must earn 31 of the 34 credits offered.

NETS Diploma in Ministry Course

The Diploma course equips people for ministry and leadership within churches, Christian organisations and community organisations:

  • encouragement towards living a godly life
  • skills of biblical interpretation and application
  • an ability to understand and apply Christian Theology
  • an appreciation of people and the world
  • skills necessary for ministry and Christian leadership (Bible teaching, counselling, leadership / management, organisation)