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List Of Flight Attendant Schools In Namibia

What Are Flight Attendant Training In Namibia?

Flight attendants must complete their employer’s training program. During training, you learn emergency procedures, first aid, and flight rules and duties. You also learn about flight procedures, customs regulations, and customer service. Smaller airlines may send trainees to a larger airline’s training program.

These Are Some The Flight Attendant School In Namibia

Windhoek Flight Training Centre

Signa Aviation Services

Westair Aviation

South African Airways Office


Frequently Ask Questions

How long will you go for fight attendant school in Namibia?

Once a flight attendant is hired, airlines provide their initial training, ranging from 3 to 6 weeks. The training usually takes place at the airline’s flight training center and is required for FAA certification.

Do you have to pay for flight attendant school in Namibia?

New flight attendants typically receive paid training after being hired by an airline, but flight attendant training schools do exist and some choose to pay for their own training before seeking a job. Training programs can take up to eight weeks to complete.

Is flight attendant training hard?

Inside the intensive, two-month training all Delta flight attendants must attend that’s harder to get into than Harvard. For aspiring flight attendants, Delta Air Lines, ranked by its employees as one of the best places to work, is also one of the most difficult places to get a job.

What are the physical requirements for a flight attendant in Namibia?

  • Minimum age: 18 to 21 years, depending on the airline.
  • Height: 4ft 11in and 6ft 3in, or 150cm and 190cm, tall.
  • Weight: Just be a “healthy weight” for your height!
  • Reach: 208cm (on tippy-toes if you have to!)
  • Vision: 20/30, with or without corrective measures.

How do I get a job as a flight attendant in Namibia?

  • Get Hired by an Airline. The first step in becoming a flight attendant is applying for a position with an airline.
  • Complete the Airline-Provided Flight Attendant Training Program. Once an airline hires you, the company will provide formal training at its flight training center.
  • Start Your Career as a Flight Attendant.

Do flight attendants share hotel rooms?

Yes. The airline pays for a hotel room for each crew member as well as arranging company paid transportation to and from the hotel. Each trip can be like a mini vacation!

Do you have to be pretty to be a flight attendant?

Airlines generally require flight attendants to have a “groomed look that meets conventional standard”, as BA describes. “For women, you will need to have a styled look with hair and makeup that would be appropriate in a professional environment and complements our uniform.

How many hours does a flight attendant work in Namibia?

Most attendants are usually limited to working 12 hours shifts but some are allowed to work 14 hour shifts. Those working on international flights are usually permitted to work longer shifts. Attendants usually spend 65-90 hours in the air and 50 hours preparing planes for passengers monthly.

How often do flight attendants go home in Namibia?

New flight attendants have to clock up time, filling in for other flight attendants who are ill or on vacation. This means working less popular routes and working on short notice. Flight attendants frequently have between 12 and 18 days off per month and over a years time, average about 156 days off.

What is the hardest part of being a flight attendant?

While the hardest part of the job doesn’t always happen on board, things can get stressful mid-flight. “We have to be prepared for anything: a fire, an irate passenger or a medical event. And medical events happen more than you’d think,” Sarah Motter, another member of the crew, told me.

What happens if you fail flight attendant training in Namibia?

What happens if I fail the training program? During the training program, you may be able to retake a test – though this is dependent on the airline, and will likely depend upon on the need for flight attendants versus the number of applicants as to whether or not this will be offered.

Do flight attendants get free flights in Namibia?

Flight attendants are in it for the free travel. Ask a veteran flight attendant and job flexibility is usually the leading reason they love their job, especially if they have families. Most flight attendants say that they can pretty much forget about traveling on holidays and weekends.

Do you need a college degree to become a flight attendant in Namibia?

No special or specific college degree is needed to become a flight attendant. You don’t even need to attend flight attendants school to work the friendly skies. It does help, with some airlines, to have at least two years of college when applying for a flight attendant’s job.

What age do flight attendants retire in Namibia?

Namibia flight attendants are, on average, 46 years old. This has, understandably, crept up over the years. The golden age of aviation saw flight attendants hired at a very young age, and they were retired by around the age of 35.

How many languages do you have to know to be a flight attendant?

It does not matter if you speak five languages; your application to become a flight attendant will be rejected if you do not have at least a high school diploma or G.E.D. Most airlines also prefer two years of college, largely for the maturity the college experience helps develop.

What are flight attendants duties in Namibia?

Flight Attendants are generally responsible for ensuring passengers’ safety and comfort at all times. Their duties include ensuring that the emergency equipment is working, that the cabin is clean, and that there is an adequate supply of food and beverages.