By | November 29, 2017

List of United Lutheran Theological Seminary Paulinum Courses Offered

Courses required for the Diploma in Theology
Communication and Study Skills
PCS1101A Academic Communication and Study Skills (4 credits)
PCS1101B Academic Communication and Study Skills (4 credits)
PCS1102 Computer Skills (2 credits)
PCS 1203 Introduction to Philosophy and Theology (4 credits)
Biblical Studies
The unit of credit is one semester hour, which in most courses represents one 50‐minute class period per week plus the required preparation. The faculty expects a minimum of two hours’ work outside of class for every hour of allotted class time.
PBS1104 Biblical Texts and Their Historical Context –OT (4 credits)
PBS1205 Biblical Texts and Their Historical Context – NT (4 credits)
PBS1106 Introduction to New Testament Greek (4 credits)
PBS1207 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (4 credits)
PBS2112 Exegetical study in the Synoptic Gospels (4 credits)
PBS2213 Pentateuch and Royal Traditions (4 credits)
PBS2215 Greek Morphology and Syntax (4 credits)
PBS326 Greek: Exegesis of selected passages from the NT (4 credits)
PBS2113 Hebrew Morphology and Syntax (4 credits)
PBS3227 Hebrew: Exegesis of selected passages from the OT (4 credits)
PBS3126 The Johannine Literature and the Catholic Letters (4 credits)
PBS3225 The Prophetic Traditions (4 credits)
PBS4138 Psalms and Wisdom Literature (4 credits)
PBS4239 Exegesis in the Pauline Letters (4 credits)
History and Theology
PHT1108 Early and Medieval Church History (4 credits)
PHT1209 Reformation and Modern Church History (4 credits)
PHT2116 Introduction to Systematic Theology (4 credits)
PHT 2217 God, Creation and Anthropology (4 credits)
PHT3128 Christology and Soteriology (4 credits)
PHT3226 Pneumatology (4 credits)
PHT3230 Eclessiology (4 credits)
PHT4156 Eschatology (4 credits)
PHT 3131 Christian Ethics and Moral Formation (4 credits)
PHT4241 Lutheran Identity and Ecumenism (4 credits)
PMN4143 Church Management and Administration (4 credits)
PMN2116 Worship (4 credits)
PMN2219 Preaching: Special emphasis on the nature of preaching (4 credits)
PMN2120 Christian Education (4 credits)
PMN3235 Healing through Counselling (4 credits)
PCT1110 Christian Spirituality (4 credits)
PCT 1211 Introduction to the World’s Rel
igious Traditions (4 credits)
PCT2223 Main Features of African Religion (4 credits)
PCT3136 Modern Missiology and the
Ecumenical Movement (4 credits)
PCT3237 History of African Christianity (4 credits)
PCT4144 African Theology (4 credits)
Theological Seminar: Fundamental Social Issues including HIV/AIDS, diaconal and other challenges facing Namibia and the churches (8 credit hours)