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Metcalfe Beukes Attorneys Namibia Job Vacancies


Metcalfe Legal Practitioners was established in September 1995 by Richard Metcalfe. Before he established the law firm Metcalfe Legal Practitioners, Mr Metcalfe worked as Legal Manager for ABSA Bank, one of the largest banks in South Africa. He worked for ABSA Bank from March 1989 until December 1992. Thereafter he briefly joined the Directorate of Legal Aid, before he left to establish himself in private practice as an Advocate. He practiced in Windhoek as an Advocate until 31 August 1995. The decision to establish a law firm was prompted by the introduction of The Legal Practitioners Act 15 of 1995 which effectively abolished the distinction in Namibia between attorneys and advocates (which was inherited from South Africa) and made all such persons legal practitioners.


Our corporate fee ranges from N$ 1000.00 – N$ 2 500.00 per hour depending on the nature and complexity of the work and seniority of the legal practitioner. This fee excludes VAT, the cost of counsel and all disbursements (such as telephone, fax, email, postage and petties etc).

Disbursements are billed in accordance with the Law Society of Namibia fee guidelines.Prior to engaging counsel, fee estimates are obtained and these are approved by the client prior to such engagement.

  • Banking & Insurance Law
  • Administrative & Labour Law
  • Contract & Company Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law


Metcalfe Attorneys provides general legal services over a broad spectrum which is accentuated by the qualifications and the diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills possessed by the various legal practitioners at Metcalfe Attorneys.

It should, nevertheless, be noted that special emphasis is placed on commercial work, more particularly on labour law, company law, competition law, intellectual property law, international trade law, banking law, administrative law, local government law, family law, property law, the law of contract and criminal law.

As a result of the public’s perception of the quality of the professional service rendered at Metcalfe Attorneys, the firm has achieved one of the highest public profiles in Namibia. It currently has a client base of over 3 500 clients, which includes multi-national companies, corporations, individuals and local authority councils and municipalities. 



5 Bahnhof Street
1st Floor
City Center
E-mail :
Tel: +264 61 402 368
Fax: +264 61 402 361
P.O.Box 28013 Windhoek

Walvis Bay


C/o 11th Road & Hage Geingob
Nechvile Building
Office 1.8
Walvis Bay
Tel: +264 64 217150
Fax: +264 64 217160
P.O.Box 846 Walvis Bay



Desert Plaza Humpie Plichta
Street Office No.7
Tel: +264 63 224 088
Fax: +264 63 224 090

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