By | November 30, 2018

NAMCOL Diploma In Education For Development (DED) 2019

Duration: 12 months – NQF Level: 6


The Diploma in Education for Development aims to provide an opportunity for graduates of the Certificate in Education for Development (CED) to further their studies in the field of community development and related fields.


This programme is designed to:

  • enhance a theoretical understanding of educational practice;
  • develop an understanding of the relationship between education, training and development;
  • enhance practical skills and knowledge of community workers and;
  • provide an opportunity for students to become competent in researching, establishing and sustaining community development.

Who May Apply?

Anyone who has obtained the Certificate in Education for Development (CED) offered by NAMCOL or UNISA.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 (22 points in 5 subjects)
  • E symbol in English


  • NAMCOL or UNISA CED qualification



Assessment will be done through Assignments and Examinations:

  • Two assignments per module.
  • Assignments will contribute 50% towards the final mark.
  • An admission mark of 50% through assignment marks is required to sit for the examination in each course.
  • One three-hour examination paper per subject (exam mark will contribute 50% towards the final mark).
  • Research Project.
  • Evaluation of Teaching Practice.


Duration of the programme

This is a two-year programme and students are supported through contact sessions.

Programme Content