By | November 30, 2017

Namibia Institute of Architects Entry Requirements

Students will require a School leaving Certificate with a University Exemption, normally with the following subject combinations:

  • Mathematics & Physical Science,
  • Mathematics & Biology and
  • Mathematics & Geography.

Art is usually not a requirement, however creative and problem-solving abilities will be an advantage when studying Architecture, and some Universities require an art portfolio as an admission requirement.

Today architects are not only involved in the challenge of creating the buildings that form our cities and towns, but are also broadly involved in the concerns and well being of society.

All students should make enquiries with the individual institutions for their entrance requirements as well as their accreditation status with the National and international Architects Registration boards before applying with any of the listed Institutions.

The admission of students will be by means of a selection process, involving three stages as follows:
STAGE 1: Candidates are to be assessed on academic merit only. Candidates apply for this
stage with their latest Grade 12 / NSSC Ordinary Level (NSSCO) and / or NSSC Higher Level
(NSSCH) results. Candidates are required to meet the following minimum academic criteria to be
At least 14 points on the NUST evaluation scale for English and Mathematics using a combination of
NSSCH and / or NSSCO, provided that no symbol lower than a C on NSSCO will be accepted.
A minimum of 21 points on the NUST evaluation scale for any three other subjects out of the
following (or their equivalent): Technical Drawing, Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Geography, Fine Art, Arts and Crafts, Literature, Carpentry, and Economics, using a combination of
NSSCH and NSSCO, provided that no symbol lower than a C on NSSCO will be accepted.
Candidates who meet the minimum academic requirements for admission will then be invited to
take the Architecture Selection Test in the next stage.
STAGE 2: Candidates are to be assessed in terms of their general knowledge, abilities and
experience as well as freehand drawing skills by means of the Architecture Selection Test. Based
on the outcome of the test, the Department will compile a short-list of candidates selected for an
Prior learning in technical / geometrical drawing provides an extremely advantageous foundation
for students entering all programmes leading to an architectural qualification.
STAGE 3: Those candidates who have made the short-list will be invited to participate in the
Final Selection Interview. The results of the Selection Committee are final and no discussion or
correspondence will be entered into1.