By | March 13, 2018

NAMPOL Rundu addresses Rundu Vocational Training Centre (RVTC) Community on Crime Awareness – 2018

Rundu VTC was very fortunate to have a team led by the Head of Investigations and Head of Operations of NAMPOL visiting the Centre on invitation on the 08th of March 2018. The aim was to address and keep awareness on crime issues. The two added value on most crimes which are committed by the youth. Deputy Commissioner Kanyetu informed a fully packed Erick Tjandja hall about the purpose of the Police. Close to 500 trainees attended this event.
“A country without law and order has a problems. A trainee who is ever drunk is unproductive” said Deputy Commissioner Kanyetu.

RVTC is concerned about the increasing killing of women in Rundu. For the past 6 months, there have been brutal killing of young ladies in Rundu, the incidents which shocked the town and the country at large. Deputy Commissioner Kalwenya who is the Head of Operations also took up his Police Power to inform the trainees about the different types of crime. Social media issues were also highlighted as some of those common crimes we commit.
The two heads spoke with a voice of law and order to ensure that both trainees and staff members get the message.

They also requested the Centre to partner up with the police to ensure that crime is minimised. The Centre Manager Kornelius Lukas pledged his Centre support to help the police. “Us the staffs together with the trainee leaders, we will try by all means to ensure that crime is reduced to zero percent in our town”. Said Lukas. However, the RVTC boss was disturbed by the fact that every two weeks members in uniform are at the Centre looking for trainees who committed crimes around town. Most of these crimes are cell phone robbing, fighting, etc. “Our business here is training not to committee crime. Your parents knows you are here not at the police cells. Refrain yourself from these activities”. Added Lukas.

The Veteran and senior VET Trainer Alfredo Hidimbwasa thanked the Law Enforcement members for making time to come to the Centre and share this information for the objective of peace. It was the first of its kind.
We will come and take stock.