By | November 21, 2017

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NamPower invests heavily in both it’s own and the nations human resources, with particular focus on health. Our total staff compliment is just over 800 employees – afigure that remained effectively constant for 3 successive years, notwithstanding the significant expansion in Company activities.

Staff loyalty to NamPower is evident not just in a continuing exceptionally high employee retention rate, but in the results of a Company-wide organisational climate survey, with employees rating NamPower the BEST state-owned company to work for in Namibia.
NamPower continues to progress toward a demographic profile more reflective of the nation’s mix of backgrounds and heritages, increasing the percentage of woman in our workforce, and maintaining a senior management  cadre unique in Namibia for its diversity and representative nature.

In keeping with these developments , the NamPower Affirmative Action program received a fourth successive certificate of compliance from the Employment Equity Commission in 2004/2005.

NamPower continues to maintain constructive and mutually beneficial relations with the Mineworkers Union of Namibia.Click here to view all NamPower job openings

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