By | February 20, 2019

Namibia Study Permits/Visa Fees for Academic Year 2019


The study permits/Visa fees for students have been reviewed and this is affecting the 2019 academic year

Kindly take note of the new study permits/Visa fees for academic year 2019 as provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.

1 year study permit= N$ 2000.00

0-3 Months study Visa= N$ 1000.00

3 months and above (Study visa) = N$ 2000.00

All application forms must be submitted before/on 28th February 2019.

Study Permit Requirements

According to the Immigration Control Act of 19 August 1993, all International students (SADC and Non-SADC) should be in possession of a valid approved Study Permit and Visa before entering Namibia for the purpose of studying.

Only persons with permanent Namibian Residence, Refugees or Asylum Seekers and Diplomatic representatives are exempted from applying for a Study Permit and Visa. The mentioned categories are exempted on condition that they provide the relevant documentation (i.e. Permanent Residence Permit, approved and endorsed Refugee / Political Asylum Seekers status, a Courtesy Visa which confirms diplomatic status).

For further information, kindly contact the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration at +264 61 2922088.