NSFAF 2021 Application Details [Step-by-Step Guide]

By | July 23, 2021
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The Namibia Students Financial Assistance 2021 Intake Commencement

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance (NSFAF) Fund is pleased to announce the commencement of the 2021 applications.

Applications will start on 06 January 2021 for Undergraduate Postgraduates and Vocational applicants to study at local and SADC/International recognition institutions with accredited programs.


Note that mature age applicants will only be accepted for local public institutions namely:

  1. UNAM
  2. NUST and

It is mandatory that all required documents are uploaded during the application period as no additional documents will be accepted after the dealine.


The following documents are mandatory:

1.Certified copy of applicant’s Full Birth Certificate
2.Certified copy of applicants Namibian Identity Document (ID)
3.Certified copy of grade 12 or school leaving certificate.
4.Certified copy of Undergraduate qualification and its transcript (applicable to Postgraduate applicants)
5.Proof of combined Parental Income or declarations for applicants who are 28 years of age or younger and unemployed.

6.Own or spousal income or both for employed applicants who are above the age of 28 and declarations if unemployed.
7.Proof of 2021 admission or registration for those intending to study outside the country

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1.Applicants apply towards priority fields of studies which are available on www.nsfaf.na.
2.Applicajts should have not received more than two awards from NSFAF.
3.Total combined debt to NSFAF may not exceed N$350,000 (previous debt plus loan to be awarded)
4.If you have previously benefited from the NSFAF, attach an acknowledgment of debt and/or proof of repayment arrangement.
5.Applicants are subjected to vetting with employment status (including self-employment).
6.Only a set of pre-detremined fee will be committed, subject to availability of funds.

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1.Students will be provisionally awarded provided the applicant meets the NSFAF basic funding requirements.
2.All applicants will be required to apply online.
3.Due dates are final and will not be extended.
4.It is mandatory for all vocational Training and education trainees to also apply online.

NSFAF 2021 application deadline/closing date: 16 March 2021.

Log onto www.nsfaf.na to launch your application.


Contact NSFAF Now

For enquiries or further assistance during the online application process, contact at

Tel: 061: 434 6000/83/12/13 or via e-mail: awardqueries@nsfaf.na


746 Eros Road
Tel : +264 61 434 6000
P O Box 23053
Windhoek, Namibia

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67 thoughts on “NSFAF 2021 Application Details [Step-by-Step Guide]

  1. Kris Cristiano

    I am getting an error that my candidate number does not match with my exam results but I have not receive my results yet as I am still waiting for their release next month. Are those who completed last year not allowed to apply yet?

  2. Letta Ndapewoshali Shigwedha

    I applied 2019 but the e-mail I provided was wrong because I omitted a letter and omitted a number too at my ID no. So as a result I can’t access any notifications from nasfaf. What can I do because currently I am home I can’t finance my studies. Please help

  3. Janice

    Hi. I need some assistance please. NSFAF asks for proof of parental income and I dont know whose documents to use seeing as my mom has passed on and don’t have any contact with my father. I know a declaration is needed for my mom to prove her death. Is it possible to use a guardians information then?

  4. Dorter

    Hellow admin ,I actually did my certificate in LOCAL GOVERNMENT studies with Namcol last year, and I have not applied through mature age last year,is it possible for me to apply for a loan this year,I jus have 22 points in grade12 with E in English, I would like to do my diploma with unam.

  5. Kaushy

    I have 19 points but I want to go study at Triumphant college and the requirements is just 18 points, am I qualified to apply NSFAF

  6. Hilya Amunyela

    Hi…i am want to do office administration at lingua ..with grade 10 can i get a loan or not??

  7. Mulonda Trinah

    I’m a student at the university of Namibia under education I never wrote my final exams in 2019 because of an illness and had to spend another year for recovery and now am well and I want to continue with my studies and I only benefited once can I get another loan in any Chance kindly

  8. Frans Ndakuna

    I applied for a loan but I got a reply late from nasfaf, now I can not register because nasfaf did not pay my tuition fee and the registration for senior students is ending on 12 February 2021, what can I do?

  9. Selma

    Hi Admin? How and when are we (2019 awardees) going to recontract our Loan contract for the academic year 2021 pls.

  10. musweu quan

    my loan is frozen as it was deactivated when i failed my first year for pre engineering  which resulted in me taking a new course for wildlife management at katiima mulillo unam campus in 2020 which i passed my first year  and do i now qualfy to re-activate my loan for my second year of study.

  11. Joy

    I have a degree in human resources from IUM and now studying with Unam for postgraduate in education… I only have 24 in 5 and E in English.. Do I qualify for a loan

  12. Roswitha

    Hi Admin, I wrote mature age exam last year and till now i am still waiting for my results, can i apply or how ?

  13. Kanghono Matheus

    I am trying to apply online but the system won’t allow me to do so. I want my account to be deleted in the system of NSFAF so so that I can create a new account.

  14. Paulus

    How do I get the 2021 nsfaf loan application form? I have struggled to find it within these pages but I haven’t succeeded. Please help with easy steps.
    Thank you

  15. Anna Jonas

    Hi admn! I’m 3rd year at NAMCOL doing diploma in early childhood and pre-primary education, I’m I welcome to apply for financial assistance?

  16. Shidhila Barkias

    Hi NASFAF i have no an ID at the moment and i want to apply for a loan,can I be considered?

  17. Julia

    Hi Nsfaf I have completed a Diploma in education at IUM in 2020 and now I am doing my Honors degree in education at ium for only two years 2021-2022 and I want to apply the loan can I go through undergraduates or postgraduate? I have 23 in 5 and a D in english will I be considered?

  18. Romeo

    HI ADMIN i have obtained a diploma in human resource management last year and this year im doing my bachelor
    the question is do i fall under postgraduate or undergraduate ? i have 21 points in 5 subjecys

  19. Kamutuua

    Good day i want to apply as a mature age entry student at NUST, i am a second year student, but i am still waiting for my mature age test results i was told to go back on thursday the 18th of March, can i still apply without them since today is the closing date for the application..

  20. Rakkel

    Good day!
    What must I do ,if I want to re-contract a 2019 contract in 2021???

  21. maria

    goodday,how re you,,i applied with nasfaf for funding ,, they asked me to upload the missing documents and no i cannot go throug to attach the documents how will i go about it pls

  22. Marizane

    Good day i had 18 points in grade 12 and could not study then i did the Preperatory course at ium and i finished my certificate currently doing diploma at i tried to apply but it says im not eligable due to my grade 12 results can i not apply with the prep Course of IUM


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