By | November 21, 2017

Ohorongo Cement Vacancies

At Ohorongo, we strive for excellence and are looking to hire only the best people. Although having the relevant qualifications, excellent technical know-how and appropriate experience is a necessary prerequisite for employment, we seek to recruit personnel with the right approach and those that fit into our corporate culture. Those who exhibit a strong work ethic, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude will be regarded as having a competitive edge and are viewed as being an asset to Ohorongo. Knowledge and certificates are important foundations. Skills can be developed. A positive and pro-active attitude is paramount.

Our recruitment, selection and promotion policies and processes are fair and equitable, while giving preference to Namibians. An appreciation of ethnic diversity, respect for cultural differences and acknowledgment of the contribution individuals can make to the company are at the heart of the business. We believe in creating a fair, non-racist, non-sexist, ethical and safe working environment.

In the past, Namibia did not have a cement production industry and had very few industry-specific experts. As a consequence, in order to become cement experts, most people we hire have little process-specific experience and will have to undergo extensive technical training.

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