By | January 16, 2020

Olam International Vacancies for Namibians

About Olam International

Olam International Vacancies

We are a leading food and agri-business, supplying a broad portfolio of products to over 19,800 customers who range from multi-national, world famous brands to small family run businesses.

Each one depends on us to provide goods and services that are safe, on-time and consistently in line with the required specification. Our customers also rely on us to help them innovate and create new opportunities.

Established in 1989, and now listed on the Singapore Exchange, our team of 74,500 full-time, seasonal, and contract employees have built leadership positions in many of our businesses such as Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Edible Nuts and Spices.

As well as growing crops in our own orchards and plantations, and sourcing from around 4.8 million farmers globally, our 12 innovation centres develop ingredients and find solutions for our customers. We also provide support services including risk management solutions and agri-logistics. In Africa only, through our Packaged Foods Business, we market our own brands directly to consumers.

Olam International Careers for Namibians

A career in Olam isn’t just about progressing through a hierarchy. It’s about growing through rich and diverse experiences, developing your skills in challenging roles, and participating in initiatives to build new capabilities.

We encourage everyone who works here to take ownership of their career, seek out challenge and change, and ask for feedback. Working at Olam is a chance to grow your global network, widen your outlook and enhance your career capital.

Opportunities at Olam

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, agricultural expert, trader, accountant, food scientist, or sales and marketing professional, a world of opportunity awaits with Olam.

Worldwide careers

At Olam, our people are assured of a fulfilling career of rich experiences and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

With operations in over 60 countries, we offer a broad range of opportunities to grow and flourish in many different roles. Follow the link below to find out if there’s an opportunity that could change your life!

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