By | January 11, 2022

Payroll Job Vacancies in Namibia

What is a Payroll Job?

Payroll jobs involve the execution of all procedures that ensure the employees of a business receive their correct compensation on the correct designated calendar days.

Learning how to do your own payroll can be very daunting. There’s so much that can go wrong and if you make a mistake, it not only affects you but the well-being of your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is payroll a good career?

Payroll offers excellent job and salary prospects. The payroll department is a rewarding place to work, bringing you into contact with people throughout the organization.

Is payroll a stressful job in Namibia?

While no payroll job is 100 percent stress-free, there’s no need for work-related worries to take over your life and harm your health. Workplace happiness is within your reach and control. Find out more about how to bring more happiness to the job.

How much does a payroll position make in Namibia?

The average salary for a payroll administrator is N$23.22 per hour in Namibia.

What is a payroll example?

We often use the term when we are talking about the process of calculating workers’ pay and taxes. It might also refer to the amount of money the employer pays its workers.

Is payroll a good job for introverts in Namibia?

With a Human Resources job, you will most likely be managing a company’s staff ergonomics and efficiency, as well as statistics, payroll, and other clerical duties. This makes Human Resources a good tool for an aspiring career man or woman, regardless of introversion.

Is payroll an accounting or HR function?

Payroll is an employee-facing function, which is why some feel that it belongs to HR. Changes to pay, entering termination dates and start dates, and entering or changing benefits information falls under the human resource umbrella.