By | April 16, 2021

Rob Mcglees Engineering Namibia Job Vacancies


Rob Mcglees Engineering cc is your link to back- up service. With outstanding products to suit your needs.

Rob Mcglees Engineering cc solely owned by Frank Coetzee, that has been in the UPS business since 2013.

Rob Mcglees Engineering cc has established a strong foothold in a niche UPS technology market for Product Category Eaton UPS range.

With Namibia’s grow increasingly dependent on our computing resource, and concerns over grid power quality and availability the UPS needs and availability continue to rise.

The potential market demand of UPS units in Namibia was always there, it just lacked back-up support, maintenance, installation, correct specifications, correct analysis of product, upgraded software, repair centre, SLA agreements, Warranty services, Safety installations, first line training, and knowledge of the said systems.

Namibia always needed to relay on the outside world to provide all above. But no longer!

Contact Details

Rob Mcglees Engineering Prosperita, Gold street
Business Park, Unit 8
Namibia, Windhoek
Telephone: +264 (0) 811443310


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