By | February 20, 2019

Rundu Vocational Training Centre (RVTC) Designing and Manufacturing Tools


The Rundu Vocational Training Centre decided to shift to an overdrive gear in preparing the trainees for the industries. Under the supervision of their VET Trainers, Plumbing & Welding trades teamed up together to design and manufacture trowels using available resources.

“Considering the financial crisis of the country, it is cheaper to manufacture than to buy, where by quality of the item was also calculated accordingly” commented Mr. Rengi.

The plumbing VET Trainer Mr. Raphael Haingura designed the trowels to be used in building. Haingura a veteran in the field, took time to do his design considering the strength of the material used.

“If we want to be industrialized, we must start now, let us put it into practice not just the theory of saying by 2030 Namibia will be industrialized. Let us start doing now what we want to be done by 2030. Ifg we start now, we are also transferring the knowledge to the future leaders so that Namibia can move forward proudly. At RVTC, we have started and we will do more of various tools. We are looking into linking with our production unit to supply hardware’s and individuals in regards to some tools”. Said Haingura.

The item were manufactured by the combination of welding as well as boiler making trades. Mrs. Amboto the VET Trainer in welding took it as a great project as it was a training aid for her trainees as well.

“We can make a lot in our trade. It’s just a matter of finding out what is needed to be done. With us we can do anything in line with our trade. We can as well make skip containers for town council if they need us to do it. We are a technical training provider and we are proud of it..” Commented Amboto.

The Centre is looking forward to do a lot of tools and get market within the country. Its time Namibia have to start using affordable tools made in Namibia.