By | February 6, 2019

Rundu Vocational Training Centre welcomes all Students to the 2019 Academic Year

Rundu Vocational Training Centre

RVTC Centre Manager Kornelius Lukas welcomed all trainees to the Centre after the holiday on the 01st of February 2019. This has become a norm for the Centre every year that level 1 have to be welcome to the Centre while level 2 & 3 also to be welcomed from the holiday. Lukas stressed the issue of dedication and purpose of the trainees being at RVTC.

In his speech, the Chief in Command of RVTC addressed the fully packed Erick Tjandja hall and informed both trainees and staff that 2019 we must be accountable. “We are to be accountable for our responsibilities” said Lukas.
Joking Lukas warned trainees against water halls.

“Lets us stay away from water hall” referring to bars, shabeens and clubs. The academic performance was highlighted by the Centre’s boss as he motivated everyone to improve the Centre performance academically. Staff members were also introduced by the Centre Manager to all the trainees.

Their names and positions were mentioned during the introductory.

“You made a right choice to be at RVTC, VTC must be a choice not an option” said Lukas.
RVTC’s own Chief priest Beey Kumpoma prayed for the academic year at the end of the information period.

Before the prayer, the Mathematician VET Trainer and Chief Priest said, “there are three kind of people in this world. Those who make things happening, those who watch things happening and those who wonder why things are happening. Which one are you” asked Beey.

The evening was full of events as the specialist in organizing events Mrs. Jessica Sindano organized a welcome bash. This was an all-white party where trainees and staff were all putting white attires.

The event was well organized and made trainees to feel RVTC is their preferred home. Staff members also performed on the stage followed by all trades where the level one performed and enjoyed their entertainments.

With DJ Avo on the mix, the free dance part was exciting where staff members reminded everyone of their youthful time. “Entertainment is essential in a training institute.

We are to keep trainees at the Centre through entertainment than leaving them to go out and get drunk” said the Chief Organizer Jessica Sindano. Braai and soft drinks were part of the entertainment package though not for free.