By | November 29, 2019

Rundu Vocational Training Centre (RVTC) prepares towards January 2020 Assessment and expects competent results from trainees

It’s the end of the year where most of the education sector are in assessment to test the knowledge on what they have been training for the entire 2019.

For some is the exit assessment into the working world and to some, assessment will be used as a requirement to the next level of education. TVET centres in the entire land of the brave have started with their theoretical and practical assessment. RVTC is not exception.

RVTC vowed to be number one come the end of assessment when results will be released in January 2020. The assessment which started on the 28th of October 2019 will run until 12th December 2019. It’s that time of the year when assessment and curriculum department ignore break and lunch times due to the busy schedule.

The assessment and curriculum coordinator Mr. Hironimus Shilima ensured that the assessment is going smoothly and his department is ready for this assessment. “We are more than ready for this assessment. All the 10 assessment principles which includes fair and transparent will be applied” said Shilima.

But does the readiness of the department means the trainees are also ready? Trainees’ seemed to be in the assessment fever. After writing each subject, trainees gather outside to discuss the paper.

The VET Trainers assured the Centre that trainees are well prepared for the assessment and they must be no reason for Not Yet Competent results. RVTC higher, we are higher.

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