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Stampriet Village Council Job Vacancies

About Us

Stampriet was founded in 1898 as a trading post in what was then German South West Africa. It was the scene of many battles between German and Nama troops. In 1970, the population included 70 whites, 1 mixed-race person, and 195 blacks.

The name Stampriet is an Afrikaans translation of the Khoekhoe name Aams. Given that stamp is Afrikaans for “bump,” and riet is Afrikaans for “reed,” it is likely named ever after the reeds one must trample to reach the watering hole or as a place where the “reed dance” or Umhlanga (ceremony), the famed royal ritual in southern Africa, was held. At first it was called Stamprietfontein, but the suffix was abandoned later.

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Erf 8 – 13Stampriet Main Road Namibia

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