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Swakop Tour Company Namibia Job Vacancies

SWAKOP TOUR COMPANY is based in the coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia, a town bounded by extreme landscapes: probably the oldest true desert on the planet, the Namib – and the ferocious south Atlantic seashore.

Just over a century ago, Swakopmund served as harbor town for the once German colony and many a gracious building still marks the singular character of those patrician times. It’s now many decades since the last ship landed here. With a surprisingly mild and pleasant climate, and its peculiar allure, these days Swakopmund is a refined modern town, becoming one of the more popular holiday destinations on the coast of the African continent.

Hidden in the hinterland lies a rugged wilderness area, still regarded ‘terra incognita’ to most travelers; an area of sunshine and eternal blue skies, with a lure of beauteous simplicity and spaciousness; a place seemingly so empty, yet full of old secrets

Georg Erb launched SWAKOP TOUR COMPANY in September 2000 to offer high standard nature drives, and to share his rich knowledge and understanding, his appreciation of the desert environment with individuals and very small groups of only up to 4 people.

Excursions with SWAKOP TOUR COMPANY are

  • about off-the-beaten-track environment adventure – with right and proper respect for Nature, about spectacular scenery, opportunities for captivating nature photography;
  • conducted in English or German
  • expertly guided by a desert enthusiast with passion and considerable knowledge
  • done in appropriate style and vehicle; in a Land Rover Defender

SWAKOP TOUR COMPANY is  a one-man enterprise where the client is assured of the utmost in personal attention, professionalism and flexibility.



tel: +264 (0)81 1242906 

sms: +264 (0)81 1242906

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